Free Gift #4

If you signed up for the subscription-based version of the Hachette 1:2 scale Terminator T-800 model build, you will receive four FREE gifts along the way. The first three gifts were OK, but this time, we get this magnificent Replica Plasma Rifle!

I had a heck of time getting this shipped through customs to the US, but it made it safely. I had seen other builders open theirs and were very impressed at the quality. I feel the same way. I know it is plastic, but it looks fantastic! The details are good and the weathering is decent too. It arrives in a nicely ‘felted’ package in four parts:

There are no assembly instructions, but it is pretty straightforward. Insert the magazine until it clicks, screw on the barrel, and insert the forward rod into its D-shaped hole until it snaps in place. I originally thought the trigger was the only moving part, but there is a tiny magazine release on the side that works too:

It does not weigh much, but that is a good thing as the endoskeleton needs to be able to hold it. I wonder how long it will take the modding community to create mods with lights and sound that others can buy. I might just have to jump on that when it happens. Until then, I am super impressed with the plasma rifle and look forward to arming my Terminator T-800 in the future.

3 thoughts on “Free Gift #4”

  1. I’m really surprised that you said you had the plasma rifle free. I’ve just completed my Terminator and was wondering when I would receive the rifle. I emailed Hatchette and they told me that NO-ONE gets the rifle free! They wanted nearly £50 for it. I wasn’t prepared to pay that after spending more than £1000 building the thing. Good Luck!

  2. Hej.
    Er der nogen der ved om man kan købe lys og lyd til Plasma Riflen?
    Og hvor henne , hvis man kan det.

    Kh Morten

    [ENGLISH] Hi. Does anyone know if you can buy light and sound for the Plasma Rifle? And where her, if you can.

    1. Hello! There have other builders who have modded their plasma rifles with lights and sound, but I do not know of a company that makes a kit for it.

      [SWEDISH] Hej! Det finns andra byggare som har modifierat sina plasmagevär med ljus och ljud, men jag känner inte till ett företag som gör ett kit för det.

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