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“Construct an element of the foot, continue the lower leg assembly, and unite the leg casing with the shin.”

Since building the toes is the same for each issue, I will be re-using the same pictures here.



Materials: The Foot Parts, Foot Joint, Toe, and Socket for Screw are all metal – the rest is plastic.



  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – Sukeban Deka
  • Real World Science – Return to Sender

Build a Fourth Foot Part and Assemble the Lower Left Leg

Step 1

Fit this holed tab of the Foot Joint between the smaller brackets of the shorter Foot Part (marked 4), as shown:

This Foot Part is angled and hard to see which way around it should go in the magazine, but I noticed that the stamped numbers should always face away from you:

Step 2

Using the Allen Key (supplied with Issue 26) to secure these parts together using one of the Grub Screws. Tighten the Grub Screw until it is flush on both sides.

You will know you have these fitted correctly if the threads that you run this Grub Screw into are on the other side of where you insert it:

Step 3

Fit the smaller brackets of the remaining longer Foot Part (marked 4) over this upper holed tab of the Foot Joint, as shown. Make sure the recessed hole of the Foot Part (marked 4) is facing up:

Press a Plastic Sleeve through the holes of both parts until it is flush.

This Plastic Sleeve should end up flush with the inner ledge of the hole, as shown:

Press a Foot Joint Pin (from Issue 96) into the center of the Plastic Sleeve until flush. This will firm up the joint:

Steps 4-5

Slide the holed tab of the Toe in between these brackets of the Foot Joint, as shown:

Press a Plastic Sleeve through the holes of both parts and follow it by another Foot Joint Pin (from Issue 96), like before:

Here is the completed foot assembly:

Step 6

Viewed from above, this is how the two Foot Parts should align:

Step 7

Retrieve your Lower Leg Part assembly from the previous issue. Fit the narrow end of the Lower Leg Part (from this issue) into this socket of the Lower Leg Joint, as shown:

Step 8

Slide one (1) KM 2×16 mm screw through the Screw Housing, as shown:

Step 9

Secure the new Lower Leg Part to the Lower Leg Part assembly using this screw/housing, as shown.

This part will hang loosely when tightened, this is expected to allow for movement:

Step 10

Slide this Lower Leg assembly into the Lower Leg Casing (from the previous issue), aligning this notch of the Lower Leg assembly to the tabs of the Leg Casing:

Step 11

The Lower Leg assembly should be flush with the top of the Lower Leg Casing, as shown:

Step 12

Fit the three posts of the Left Shin Piece into the matching holes on the front of this Lower Leg Casing, as shown:

The lower post of this Left Shin Piece will also go through the larger Lower Leg Part (muscle). On my model, the upper end of this Left Shin Piece did not fully seat. I used a few drops of super glue to hold it down:

Step 13

Secure the Lower Shin Piece in place from behind with one (1) PM 3×8 screw:

Steps 14-15

Cut the triangular Trims for Shin Piece from the sprue and super glue their two pins into the matching holes on the shin, as shown:


We are only a few steps away from completing our lower left leg! You may notice in these pictures that it seems that the colors of the ‘chrome’ coloring of some parts do not quite match. Eh, it gives my T-800 character!

Next Up

 Issue 100 – Lower Leg Parts/Connectors, Foot Parts, Toe, Foot Joint

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