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“Combine the five toes of the foot with the heel, construct the final portion of the lower left leg, and attach it at the knee.”

Since building the toes attaching the foot is the same as the right leg, I will be re-using some of the same pictures here.



Materials: The Foot Parts, Foot Joint, Toe, and Screw Socket are all metal – the rest is plastic.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – Astro Boy
  • Real World Science – Boots Off the Ground

Assemble the Left Foot and Attach the Lower Left Leg

Steps 1-2

Fit this holed tab of the Foot Joint between the smaller brackets of the shorter Foot Part (marked 5), then using the Allen Key (supplied with Issue 26) to secure these parts together using one of the Grub Screws. Tighten the Grub Screw until it is flush on both sides.

This Foot Part is angled and hard to see which way around it should go in the magazine. For the first four toes, the numbers were facing us, but for this fifth toe, they should be facing away from us. You will know you have these fitted correctly if the threads that you run this Grub Screw into are on the other side of where you insert it:

Steps 3-4
  • Fit the smaller brackets of the remaining longer Foot Part (marked 5) over the upper holed tab of the Foot Joint, as shown.
  • Make sure the recessed hole of the Foot Part (marked 5) is facing up, then press a Plastic Sleeve and a Foot Joint Pin (from Issue 96) into the center of the Plastic Sleeve until flush.
  • Slide the holed tab of the Toe in between the end brackets of the Foot Joint.
  • Press a Plastic Sleeve through the holes of both parts and follow it by another Foot Joint Pin (from Issue 96), like before.

We have done this nine times already, so I will just show the final result:

From above, the two Foot Parts should be angled like this:

Step 5

Retrieve your four other Toe assemblies from the previous issues and arrange all of them in order from (1 to 5 – longest to shortest), as shown:

Step 6

Retrieve your Heel assembly from Issue 95. Attach the shorter (smooth) shaft of the #5 Toe assembly to the Heel using one of the long Grub Screws, as shown.

The Grub Screw will just pass through these right now without any twisting required. This picture is from the right leg, but the process is the same:

Step 7

Connect the next four Toe assemblies in the same way. With the final Toe attached, the Grub Screw can be tightened in place. Repeat this process to connect the upper shafts of the toe to the Heel in the same way, as shown:

This is what our Left Foot assembly should look at this point:

Step 8

Fully slide the two Caps for Lower Left Leg Part into the ends of the Lower Left Leg Part, as shown:

At this point, I decided to install a fantastic and simple mod from Partworks Upgrades. This is the Lower Leg Tendon Fix, which consists of six 3-D printed parts that stabilize the muscle pistons of the lower legs. Without this mod, these muscles are quite loose and ‘floppy’. Check out the installation on my Lower Leg Tendon Fix page! The rest of the pictures in this issue are after the mod was installed:

Step 9

Retrieve your Lower Leg assembly from the previous issue. Fit the end of the Lower Left Leg Part assembly with the Cap for Lower Left Leg Part (part 100-1) to this location on the Lower Leg assembly, as shown:

Slide one (1) KM 2×16 mm screw through the Screw Socket, as shown:

Step 10

Secure this Lower Leg Part to the Lower Leg Part assembly using this screw/housing, as shown.

This part will hang loosely when tightened, this is expected to allow for movement:

Step 11

Retrieve your T-800 endoskeleton and lay him face down. Fit this Lower Leg assembly onto the post on the bottom of the Left Knee, as shown:

Step 12

Secure the Lower Leg assembly to the knee with one (1) 3×12 mm PM screw.

The tighter this screw is, the harder it will be to rotate the Lower Leg at the knee, so adjust accordingly:

Step 13

Cut the three Lower Left Leg Connectors from the sprue:

Fit the wider ‘mouth’ of a Rubber Washer onto the slotted end of each shorter Lower Left Leg Connector and secure them in place with two (2) 2×5 mm PWM screws, one for each.

The tighter these screw are, the more it compresses the washer, and the more resistance it creates in the muscle cylinder. With the Lower Leg Tendon Fix mod I installed above, this step (and these washers) are not needed, but I am showing it for those without the mod:

Steps 14

Slide these two Lower Left Leg Connectors into the side muscles of the Lower Leg assembly (narrow end first), as shown:

Step 15

In the same way, slide the remaining longer Lower Left Leg Connector into the center muscle of the Lower Leg assembly (narrow end first).

This picture is from the leg we already built. You can see how the Leg Connectors (pistons) are ‘crooked’ in the muscle tubes. This is what it looks like without the Lower Leg Tendon Fix mod mentioned above. If you look at the final picture at the bottom of this page, that is what it looks like after the mod is installed with all of the tendons straight!


Our left foot and left leg are now complete! We will attach them together in the next issue. Thanks to Ian at Partwork Upgrades for the Lower Leg Tendon Fix, this looks so much better!

Next Up

 Issue 101 – Left/Right Chest Panels, Sockets, Chest Attachments

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