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“Put the shoulder together, and add some symmetry to your T-800 Endoskeleton by connecting the left arm.”




Materials: The washers and the Left Left Joint Section are plastic, but the rest of these parts are all metal.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – A Wrinkle in Time
  • Real World Science – Hip to be Square

Assemble the Shoulder, Affix the Left Arm to the Body, and Collect a Hip Joint

Step 1

Retrieve the Left Leg Joint Section from the previous issue and place it next to the Left Leg Joint Section from this issue:

Step 2

Slide these parts together as shown. No glue is needed here:

Step 3

As we have done many times before, apply glue to the posts of a Left Shoulder Joint Washer and secure it flush into the Left Shoulder Joint Connector, as shown:

Step 4

Turn the Left Shoulder Joint Connector upright and drop the Left Shoulder Joint Cap into the opening, aligning the flat sides until flush:

Step 5

Retrieve your T-800 Endoskeleton from Issue 71 and slide your Left Arm assembly into the Left Shoulder, as shown.

You may have to pry the shoulder apart a tiny bit to get the arm pivot in there:

Steps 6-7

Fit the Left Shoulder Pin down through the shoulder assembly from the front:

Step 8

While holding the Left Shoulder Pin in place, turn the model over and secure the pin in place from behind with one (1) 3×10 mm Allen screw.

The Allen Key tool for this screw was supplied back in Issue 26:


Our T-800 has both of his arms attached, nice! Keep the hip joint assembly and remaining Left Shoulder Joint Washer safe as will need them later.

Next Up

 Issue 87 – Left Thigh

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