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“Affix the left hand to the lower arm by constructing three arm shafts and four muscle springs.”




Materials: All of the parts (other than the rubber washers) are plastic here.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – Ant-Man
  • Real World Science – Downsizing Done Right

Extend the Lower Left Arm, and Connect it to the Hand

Step 1

Take a Lower Arm Shaft, a Rubber Washer, and one (1) PB 2×6 mm screw:

Step 2

Secure the Rubber Washer to the end of the Lower Arm Shaft with the one (1) PB 2×6 mm screw.

Step 3

Repeat the previous step with the other two shafts, washers, and screws to create three total shaft assemblies:

Step 4

Cut the four (4) Left Hand Muscle Connectors from the sprue.

Use sprue cutters or a sharp hobby knife to remove these as it makes for precise cuts. Be sure not to cut them at the wrong place:

Steps 5-7

Retrieve your hand assembly from the previous issue. Using a small drop of super glue, secure the squared tab of a Left Hand Muscle Connector into this rectangular hole of the Left Hand.

Be sure the pin of the connector is facing AWAY from the fingers, as shown:

Repeat this step for the remaining Left Hand Muscle Connectors:

Steps 8-9

Retrieve your Left Arm assembly from Issue 82. Slide the washer ends of the Lower Arm Shafts into all three Forearm Shafts, as shown.

The tighter the screws holding the Rubber Washers on are, the more friction the washer will create in the forearm ‘muscles’ and resist movement. You can tailor this resistance to your liking as it will make the wrist joint more or less stiff:

Steps 10-11

Bring the Left Hand assembly to the Left Forearm. Feed the muscle springs through their matching holes in the Left Hand, as shown.

These springs should not cross over each other as they travel down the arm:

Step 12

Apply some lubricant to the large ball joint and press it firmly into the large Forearm Shaft until seated.

I applied a little of my handy 3-in-One Oil to the ball (and the socket) with a cotton swab and it connected easily!

In the same way, slide the three Forearm Shafts over the matching small ball joints of the wrist:

Steps 13-14

Using a toothpick or similar item, apply super glue to the insides of each muscle spring and fit them over their matching Muscle Connectors:


Look at that, our Left Arm is now complete! The Left Leg Joint Section was not used here, but it is needed in the next issue so keep it nearby. I did notice that using oil on the wrist ball joints was very effective for the connections, but it also makes the wrist move around quite easily. Be sure to adjust the tightness of your Rubber Washers in this issue to set the wrist resistance to your liking.

Next Up

 Issue 86 – Left Leg Joint Section, Left Shoulder Pin, Left Shoulder Joint Cap/Connector

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