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“Attach the third finger to the hand, and, after assembling further connective elements, joint the upper left arm with the forearm.”




Materials: Everything is plastic in this issue.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – Equilibrium
  • Real World Science – Emotionally Yours

Components for the Upper Left Arm, Forearm and Left Hand

Steps 1-3

Retrieve your Left Hand assembly from Issue 80 and your Left Finger assembly from the previous issue.

Secure the finger to this joint of the hand using the Finger Joint Connector, Plastic Sleeve, and Pin (as we have done many times before).

As I did with the right hand, I am replacing all of my finger joints with the Finger Mod from Model Modz. You can check out my dedicated page on how this mod is installed HERE. Therefore, I did not complete the original steps. Here is my modded finger attached to the hand:

Step 4

Retrieve your Left Forearm assembly from the previous issue. Fit the narrow end of the Left Forearm Shaft Connector through this hole of the Left Forearm Joint, as shown:

Step 5

Hold the hole in the rounded end of a Left Forearm Shaft over the end of the Left Forearm Shaft Connector:

Step 6

Secure the Left Forearm Shaft into place with one (1) KM 2×16 mm screw through the Left Forearm Shaft Connector, as shown.

This will be floppy, that is expected:

Steps 7-8

Retrieve your Left Upper Arm assembly from Issue 79. Apply a little super glue to the four studs of the Joint Centre Part, and fit it flush into the elbow joint as shown:

Steps 9-10

Slide the Left Forearm Cover over the end of the Left Forearm assembly, aligning this long tab with the slot as shown:

Step 11

Fit the hole in the center of the Left Forearm Cover over the matching post of the left elbow, as shown:

Step 12

Using one (1) PM 2×12 mm screw and a M3 lock washer, secure the forearm to the elbow, as shown.

Do not over-tighten this screw as this is a rotating joint. If it is too tight, it will not be able to twist:


A bunch of parts came together in this issue, that makes me happy!

Next Up

 Issue 83 – Left Wrist Ball Joints (small), Forefinger Parts/Tip, Finger Joint Connectors/Pins

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