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“Construct the third finger of the left hand and attach two shafts to the left forearm assembly.”




Materials: The Finger Parts are metal in this issue, but the fingertip (81-4) and the rest of the parts are plastic.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – Dune
  • Real World Science – The Spice of Life

Components for the Forearm and Third Finger of the Left Hand

Step 1

Lay out the Left Hand Finger Parts and Left Hand Finger Tip, as shown:

Steps 2-5
  • Fit a Plastic Sleeve over a Finger Joint Connector
  • Then, fit the connector through the holes of the first knuckle junction, joining the Finger Parts
  • Dab a little super glue on a Finger Joint Pin and and fit it into the end of the Finger Joint Connector, securing the joint
  • Repeat this process from the other side on the next knuckle
  • Repeat this process one more time from the other side on the last knuckle
  • Super glue the Left Finger Tip on the end of the Left Hand Finger Parts

As I did with the right hand, I am replacing all of my finger joints with the Finger Mod from Model Modz. You can check out my dedicated page on how this mod is installed HERE. Therefore, I did not complete the original steps. Here is my modded finger assembled:

Step 6

Retrieve your Left Forearm assembly from the previous issue. Slide the narrow end of a Left Forearm Shaft Connector through this hole of the Left Forearm Joint, as shown.

I swapped this and the next step from the instructions to make it easier to understand:

Step 7

Hold the hole in the rounded end of a Left Forearm Shaft over the end of the Left Forearm Shaft Connector:

Step 8

Secure the Left Forearm Shaft into place with one (1) KM 2×16 mm screw through the Left Forearm Shaft Connector, as shown.

This will be floppy, that is expected:

Step 9

Repeat the previous steps to secure the other Left Forearm Shaft into place, using the other Left Forearm Shaft Connector and one (1) more KM 2×16 mm screw:


It feels like we just finished building the right arm and here we are already building the left one!

Next Up

 Issue 82 – Left Forearm Cover/Shaft/Connector, Joint Centre Part, Finger Joint Connector/Pin

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