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“Attach the muscular springs to the left forearm and attach the second finger to the left hand.”




Materials: The four muscle springs and Finger Joint Pin are metal, but the rest of these parts are plastic.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – Brightburn
  • Real World Science – The Origins of Evil

Components for the Forearm and Left Hand

Steps 1-2

Apply a small amount of super glue into one of the four grooves on the Left Forearm Plate, and secure one end of a Left Forearm Muscle Spring into that groove, as shown:

Step 3 

Repeat the previous steps to secure the remaining Left Forearm Muscle Springs to the Left Forearm Plate:

Steps 4-6

Secure this Left Forearm Plate to the Left Forearm Shaft with one (1) KB 2×4 mm screw, as shown:

Steps 7-8

Fit the Left Forearm Joint to this end of the Left Forearm Shaft assembly, aligning this tab and notch.

Ignore my screwdriver in the image below. It was just holding these in place so I could take the picture:

Step 9

Secure these together with one (1) PM 3×12 mm screw, as shown:

Steps 10-12
  • Retrieve your right hand assembly
  • Fit the Plastic Sleeve for Finger Joint over the Finger Joint Connector and then fit it through the finger and hand frame holes
  • Apply a little super glue to the Finger Joint Pin and secure the joint into place

As I did with the right hand, I am replacing all of my finger joints with the Finger Mod from Model Modz. You can check out my dedicated page on how this mod is installed HERE. Therefore, I did not complete the original steps. Here is my modded finger attached to the hand:


Well, we had to make another finger. At least the left arm is really coming along!

Next Up

 Issue 81 – Left Forearm Shafts/Connectors, Finger Tip/Parts/Joint/Connector

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