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“Attach the first finger to the back of the left hand, affix a part to the left shoulder, and assemble a new arm joint.”

I apologize in advance. I accidentally deleted all of the pictures I took for this issue. I had to come back and reshoot it, but some of the parts were glued together already. I tried to use pictures of the same parts from the right arm where I could.



Materials: All of these parts are plastic, except the metal Finger Joint Connector Pin.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – Them!
  • Real World Science – When Bugs Go Big

Components for Left Hand and Arm Joint

As I did with the right hand, I am replacing all of my finger joints with the Finger Mod from Model Modz. You can check out my dedicated page on how this mod is installed HERE. I will still show how to attach this finger without the mod below, but here is my modded attachment to the wrist:

Steps 1-3
  • Retrieve your finger assembly from the previous issue.
  • Fit a Plastic Sleeve over the pin of a Finger Joint Connector.
  • Slide it all through this hole of the Left Hand.
  • Slide the mounting hole of the finger assembly onto the sleeved joint
  • Push the pin of a Finger Joint Connector Pin into the other side to finish the joint. Use super glue as needed.

Check out the image above how I connected the finger to the hand. I did not use the supplied connectors here, but if you look at the previous issue, you can see how that is done.

Steps 4-5

Apply a small amount of super glue to these four posts of the Rubber Washer for Shoulder Joint:

I lost my photo for this step, but here are the same parts from the right arm:

Step 6

Fit the washer into this matching recess of the Left Shoulder Joint. It should sit completely flush when aligned correctly.

Sadly, I lost my photos for this issue, see the picture for Step 8 below to see how this is installed.

Step 7

Retrieve your upper arm assembly from Issue 76. Test fit the Left Shoulder Joint to this side of the upper arm:

Step 8

If the fit is good, detach the Left Shoulder Joint and apply super glue around the inner rim of the part and on the four pins, as shown.

Again, a re-used photo here from the right arm. The idea is the same:

Before this glue dries, fit the Left Shoulder Joint back into place and hold it there until secured:

Step 9

Retrieve the Left Arm Joint from the previous issue and the Shaft for Left Arm assembly from Issue 73. We will also need the two Metal Washers for Arm Joint and the Left Arm Joint Cover:

Step 10

Fit one of the pegs on the end of the Shaft for Left Arm assembly into this hole of the Left Arm Joint:

Place the two Metal Washers for Arm Joint over the exposed peg of the Shaft for Left Arm assembly, as shown:

Step 11

Fit the Left Arm Joint Cover over the Left Arm Joint, capturing the exposed peg of the Shaft for Left Arm assembly:

Step 12

Secure the Left Arm Joint Cover to the Left Arm Joint with two (2) PB 2 x 6 mm screws:


Even more stored parts coming together to get this left arm built. At least we didn’t build a finger! I am disappointed that Hachette made the hands out of plastic, they seems very fragile.

Next Up

 Issue 79 – Second Finger Tip/Parts/Joints, Left Arm Joint

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