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“Assemble the tricep for the reverse of the left arm, and add the connecting rod from the previous issue.”

This is going to feel just like Issue 72 as the steps are basically the same with different parts.



Materials: Everything in this issue is metal.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – Hot Tub Time Machine
  • Real World Science – Down The Plughole

Tricep Muscle of the Left Arm

Step 1

Slide the shaft of the Shaft for Arm Part through the smaller end of the Left Arm Part, as shown:

Step 2

Fit the Cap for Arm Part over the large end of the Left Arm Part, aligning the center hole with the screw hole in the end of the Shaft for Arm Part:

Step 3

Secure the Cap for Arm Part to the Shaft for Arm Part with one (1) PM 3×8 mm screw. The screw needs to go down inside the shaft:

Step 4

Retrieve the longer Shaft for Left Arm (73-4) from the previous issue. Slide it (washer end first) into this Arm Part assembly, as shown.

You can adjust how much effort it takes to slide the Shaft for Left Arm along the inside of this Arm Part by loosening or tightening the screw holding the rubber Washer on the end. Just don’t loosen it too much or it will pop off the end:


This completes our left tricep muscle for our T-800. It also means that it will be another two months until I get additional issues to continue this left arm. Keep these parts safe for now.

Next Up

 Issue 75 – Left Upper Arm Part, Socket Liner

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