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“Using the pins from the previous issue, we’ll assemble two more sections of the foot, including toes.”

These foot sections will be assembled in nearly the exact way as the one from the previous issue.



Materials: Everything in this issue is metal.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – Universal Soldier
  • Real World Science – Medical Advances in the Vietnam War

Assemble Two More Elements of the Right Foot

Step 1

Fit this holed tab of a Toe Joint between the smaller brackets of the shorter Foot Part (marked 2), as shown:

Both Foot Parts are marked 2, so make sure you use the shorter one here. This Foot Part is angled and hard to see which way around it should go in the magazine. Again, the stamped numbers on the Foot Parts should face away from you:

It should be like this if viewed from above:

Step 2

Using the Allen Key supplied with Issue 26 to secure these parts together using one of the Grub Screws. Tighten the Grub Screw until it is flush on both sides:

Steps 3-6
  • Fit the smaller brackets of the remaining longer Foot Part (marked 2) over this upper holed tab of the Toe Joint. Make sure the recessed hole of the Foot Part (marked 2) is facing up
  • Press a Plastic Sleeve through the holes of both parts until it is flush
  • Carefully remove one of the Foot Joint Pins from their sprue and insert the Foot Joint Pin flush
  • Slide the holed tab of a Toe in between these brackets of the Toe Joint
  • Press a Plastic Sleeve through the holes of both parts until it is flush
  • Remove another Foot Joint Pin from its sprue and insert it flush into this joint

Since we have done this before, I did not want to take repetitive photographs. However, the image below is the result of these steps. If you need more detail on these steps, please see the previous issue (Issue 69) as the process is the exact same:

Steps 7-9

NOTE: At this point we just need to repeat the previous steps with Foot Parts (marked 3). The parts align as shown:

The finished foot section should look like this:


We have now completed three sets of foot bones and toes. Only two left! Be sure to store the remaining Foot Joint Pins safely as we will need them in the next issues.

Next Up

 Issue 71 – Foot Parts, Toes, Toe Joints

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