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“Begin to construct the toes of the right foot – and remember to hold onto the foot joint pins for future issues!”




Materials: While the Heel Details and Foot Joint Pins are plastic, the rest of the foot parts are all metal.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – Dredd
  • Real World Science – Dredd, Drugs, and Time Dilation

Adding a Heel Detail and Assembling Foot Parts

Step 1

Carefully remove the two Heel Details from their sprue. Smooth any rough edges.

I used sprue cutters here, but a sharp hobby knife would work as well:

Step 2

Retrieve your T-800 endoskeleton. Fit the post of the Heel Detail through this hole of the Ankle Joint assembly and into the other Heel Detail, as shown:

You may notice the same split gap I saw here, but no worries, the next step will fix it:

Step 3

Secure the two Heel Details together (through the Ankle Joint) with one (1) PB 2×6 mm screw:

Tada! No more gap!

Step 4

Fit this holed tab of the Toe Joint between the smaller brackets of the shorter Foot Part (marked 1), as shown:

Both Foot Parts are marked 1, so make sure you use the shorter one here. This Foot Part is angled and hard to see which way around it should go in the magazine, but I noticed that the stamped numbers should always face away from you:

It should be like this if viewed from above:

Step 5

Using the Allen Key supplied with Issue 26 to secure these parts together using one of the Grub Screws. Tighten the Grub Screw until it is flush on both sides.

You will know you have these fitted correctly if the threads that you run this Grub Screw into are on the other side of where you insert it:

Step 6

Fit the smaller brackets of the remaining longer Foot Part (marked 1) over this upper holed tab of the Toe Joint, as shown. Make sure the recessed hole of the Foot Part (marked 1) is facing up:

Step 7

Press a Plastic Sleeve through the holes of both parts until it is flush, as shown:

This Plastic Sleeve should end up flush with the inner ledge of the hole, as shown:

Step 8

Carefully remove one of the Foot Joint Pins from their sprue and remove any rough edges:

Press this Foot Joint Pin into the center of the Plastic Sleeve until flush. This will firm up the joint:

Our first foot section should now look like this:

Step 9

Slide the holed tab of the Toe in between these brackets of the Toe Joint, as shown:

Step 10

Press a Plastic Sleeve through the holes of both parts until it is flush, as shown:

Remove another Foot Joint Pin from its sprue and insert it flush into this joint:


We have added our T-800’s heel bone as well as built the first of his right toes. I want to know why the fingers don’t have joints like this; these are not loose at all, and hold their position quite well! We will need to make four more toes before we attach them all to the foot. Be sure to store the remaining Foot Joint Pins safely as we will need them in the next issues.

Next Up

 Issue 70 – Foot Parts, Toes, Toe Joints

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