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Attach the ankle to the right leg.




Materials: All of these parts are plastic.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – The Dark Knight
  • Real World Science – Mass Surveillance

Fitting the Ankle Joint to the Right Leg

Step 1

Carefully remove the two shorter Leg Connectors (68-1) from their sprue. Smooth any rough edges.

I used sprue cutters here, but a sharp hobby knife would work as well:

Steps 2-3

This is a great time to add the Lower Leg Tendon Fix mod from Partwork Upgrades! These 3-D printed parts will keep the lower leg tendons centered in the muscles. I did not get the mod until I was working on the left leg in Issue 100, so we won’t see it here. Still, I wanted to come back and update this issue to mention them. Check out my Lower Leg Tendon Fix page for more details!

Fit the larger recess of a rubber Washer over the small end of each Leg Connector and secure into place with two (2) PWM 2×5 mm screws, one on each, as shown. Do not over-tighten these screws, but ensure the rubber Washer cannot come off:

Step 4

Carefully remove the Ankle Joint (Ball) and Ankle Joint (Socket) from their sprue. Smooth any rough edges. Then, fit the flat edge of the Ankle Joint (Ball) into the Ankle Joint (Socket), aligning this screw hole, and firmly push these parts together.

This actually took a lot more force than I expected. Once they clicked together, it is a very stiff joint:

Steps 5-6

Retrieve your T-800 endoskeleton. Fit this Ankle Joint assembly into the end of the large Lower Leg Joint (63-2), aligning the screw holes, and secure these parts together with one (1) PB 1.7×6 mm screw, as shown:

Step 7

Slide the two shorter Leg Connectors (Washer end first) into each of the outside Leg Parts (64-2 and 65-2), as shown:

Step 8

Carefully remove the remaining longer Leg Connector (68-2) from the sprue and smooth any rough edges. Then, insert the thinner end of this Leg Connector into the larger Lower Leg Part (66-2), as shown:

Step 9

Retrieve your Ankle Joint assembly from the previous issue. Take note of this D-shaped recess and rectangular block on top of it:

Step 10

Fit the Ankle Joint assembly to the end of the ball/socket joint from Step 6 aligning the D-shaped post and notch for the rectangular block, as shown:

And, the same joint from a different angle:

Step 11

Push the sockets of all three Leg Connectors onto the matching Ball Joints of the Ankle Joint assembly, as shown.

These snap together much easier than the main ball joint:

Step 12

Fit the metal Washer over one (1) PM 3×8 mm screw and secure the Ankle Joint to the ball/socket joint from below, as shown:


While it looks really odd, the right ankle is now attached to our T-800! This foot will look a lot better after the next 3 issues are finished.

Next Up

 Issue 69 – Heel Details, Foot Parts, Toe Joint, Toe

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