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“Construct the right ankle joint that will support the right leg and toes.”




Materials: All of these parts are plastic.


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Adding Another Part to the Lower Right Leg

Step 1

Carefully remove the three Ball Joints from the sprue. Smooth any rough edges.

I used sprue cutters here, but a sharp hobby knife would work as well:

Step 2

Locate these three keyed holes of the Ankle Joint (Upper):

Step 3

Fit one Ball Joint into each keyed hole:

Steps 4-5

Secure the Ball Joints into place from the other side with three (3) PB 1.7×6 mm screws, one for each:

Step 6

Fit this Ankle Joint (Upper) on top of the Ankle Joint (Lower), aligning the two mounting posts:

Step 7

Secure the Ankle Joint halves together with two (2) PB 2×6 mm screws, as shown:


We have started to assemble our right foot! We are going to spend a good amount of time building toes soon.

Next Up

 Issue 68 – Lower Leg Connectors, Ankle Joint (Ball/Socket)

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