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“Add a component to the reverse of the right leg, as well as fresh details to its surface.”





Materials: Everything in this issue is plastic except for the metal Screw Housing.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – Star Trek IV – The Voyage Home
  • Real World Science – The Majestic Whale

Adding Another Part to the Lower Right Leg

Steps 1-2

Fit the two Cap for Lower Leg Parts into each end of the Lower Leg Part as shown. These are press-fit:

Step 3

Retrieve your Lower Leg Part assembly from the previous issue. Fit the narrow end of the Lower Leg Part (from this issue) into this socket of the Lower Leg Joint, as shown:

Step 4

Slide one (1) KM 2×16 mm screw through the Screw Housing, as shown:

Step 5

Secure the new Lower Leg Part to the Lower Leg Joint using this screw/housing, as shown.

You may need to loosen the PM screw we installed in Step 11 of the previous issue to get this to fit better. However, I had no problem here. This part will hang loosely when tightened, this is expected to allow for movement:

Step 6

Use sprue cutters or a sharp hobby knife to remove the two Detail for Leg Casings from the sprue:

Steps 7-8

Apply a small amount of super glue to the pins on the back of one of the Detail for Leg Casings

… and secure it into place on the Lower Leg Casing, as shown:

Step 9

Repeat the previous step to secure the second Detail for Leg Casing in place:

Steps 10-11

Take note of this screw hole inside the end of the Lower Leg Joint:

Step 12

Fit a M3 washer over one (1) PM 3×12 mm screw:

Step 13

Retrieve your T-800 endoskeleton and lay it facing up on your work surface.

Take note of this post on the bottom of the Knee Joint, this is where will be fastening our next screw:

Fit the Lower Leg assembly to the Knee Joint and secure these together using the screw/washer set, as shown:


The lower leg is now attached to our T-800! This is as far as we go until I get my next batch of issues arrive a couple of months from now. We will start assembling the right foot in those issues.

Next Up

 Issue 67 – Ankle Ball Joints, Ankle Joint (Upper/Lower)

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