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“Connect a third element to the lower right leg, and apply both the external casing and the shin guard.”




Materials: Everything in this issue is plastic except for the metal Screw Housing.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – Stalker
  • Real World Science – The Perils of Radiation

Adding Another Part to the Lower Right Leg

Step 1

Retrieve your Lower Leg Part assembly from the previous issue. Fit the narrow end of the Lower Leg Part (from this issue) into this socket of the Lower Leg Joint, as shown:

Step 2

Slide one (1) KM 2×16 mm screw through the Screw Housing, as shown:

Step 3

Secure the new Lower Leg Part to the Lower Leg Joint using this screw/housing, as shown.

This part will hang loosely when tightened, this is expected to allow for movement:

Step 4

Take note of this notch in the Lower Leg Joint:

Step 5

Inside the Lower Leg Casing, take note of this double rib inside:

Step 6

Slide the Lower Leg assembly into the Lower Leg Casing, aligning the mentioned notch and double ribs, as shown:

Step 7

These parts should be flush across the top, like this:

Step 8

Retrieve the Shin Piece from the previous issue. Test fit this part by aligning it to the three holes in the Lower Leg Casing, as shown:

Step 9

If you are satisfied with the fitment, remove the Shin Piece and apply a small amount of super glue around the two upper posts and this flat edge along the square end, as shown:

Step 10

Fit the Shin Piece back into place on the Lower Leg Casing and hold it in place for a few seconds to let the glue set:

Step 11

Secure the Shin Piece from behind the leg assembly with one (1) PM 3×8 mm screw, as shown:


This lower leg is looking pretty sharp. We will need this assembly in the next issue so keep it nearby for now.

Next Up

 Issue 66 – Lower Leg Part/Caps, Details for Leg Casing

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