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“Collect a shin piece, and affix a new muscle element to the existing right leg assembly.”




Materials: Everything in this issue is plastic except for the metal Screw Housing.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – Ex Machina
  • Real World Science – Powering the Androids of the Future

Adding Another Part to the Lower Right Leg

Steps 1-2

Retrieve your Lower Leg Part assembly from the previous issue. Fit the narrow end of the Lower Leg Part (from this issue) into this socket of the Lower Leg Joint, as shown:

Step 3

Slide one (1) KM 2×16 mm screw through the Screw Housing, as shown:

Step 4

Secure the new Lower Leg Part to the Lower Leg Joint using this screw/housing, as shown.

This part will hang loosely when tightened, this is expected to allow for movement:


I thought the last issue was short, this one was only one screw! We did not use the Shin Piece this time, but keep all of these parts nearby as we will need them right away.

Next Up

 Issue 65 – Lower Leg Casing/Part

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