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“The right thigh begins to take shape, connecting to the leg joints supplied with Issue 53 and Issue 54.”

This part arrives in a nice cardboard box to protect it from damage.



Materials: This Right Thigh is plastic.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – Metropolis
  • Real World Science – Building Metropolis


Fitting a Joint Mechanism to the Right Thigh

Step 1

Retrieve the Leg Joint Sections (53-1 and 54-1) from the previous two issues:

Step 2

Fit Leg Joint Section (54-1, the partial ring) over Leg Joint Section (53-1) as shown. You may need to ‘open’ the ring a bit with your fingers:

Step 3

Press these parts firmly together. The indents and raised sections all the way around should match up, as shown:

Steps 4-5

Apply a tiny bit of superglue to one of these hexagonal recesses on the ‘hip’ end of the Right Thigh.

I did this a little different. First, I located these hexagonal recesses on the Right Thigh:

Fit an M2 Nut into the recess, making sure it is flush.

I found that using a toothpick (cocktail stick) to hold the nut worked great. It also let me apply glue just around the flat edges of the nut:

I could then easily guide the nut into the hole nice and flush the first time:

Once the nut is in the proper position, I just carefully ‘unscrewed’ the toothpick leaving the nut behind:

Repeat these steps with the remaining three M2 nuts:

Steps 6-7 

Fit the Leg Joint Section assembly over the same end of the Right Thigh, aligning the screw holes with these M2 nuts, as shown.

There are posts on the bottom of the Leg Joint Section that press down into matching holes of the Right Thigh holding it in place temporarily. I also circled the notch below where the ‘tab’ of the Leg Joint Section slides in (you will know what I mean). This will not be secured into place until later in the build, so just keep these parts fitted together until then.


This Right Thigh is a big solid piece of our T-800. I am little bummed that it is made of plastic, but if the whole model was metal, it would likely weigh too much and never be able to stand up. This leg still looks good, so I am not concerned.

Next Up

 Issue 56 – Hip Joint, Inner/Outer Casing, Domed/Outer Caps

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