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“Affix a connective muscle to the torso, and complete the hip sockets of the pelvis with the addition of the second hip connector.”




Materials: All of these parts are plastic except for the metal pin in the hinge of the Muscle Connection.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – Planet of the Apes
  • Real World Science – The Sentience of Apes and Chimpanzees


Fitting More Parts to the Torso and Pelvis

Steps 1-2

Retrieve your T-800 endoskeleton. Slide the thicker end of the Inner Side Muscle into this opening of the right Thoracic Cage Joint, as shown.

You may notice that this ‘muscle’ wobbles around way too much. This really bugged me, so we will fix it in a Mod Zone of the next issue:

Step 3

Apply a small amount of super glue into these two squared recesses of the Hip Socket:

Step 4-6

Align these squared recesses of the Hip Socket over the matching square posts of the Right Pelvic Girdle and fit it into place, as shown:


I’m not sure why Hachette thought wobbly pelvic muscles were OK, but we can take care of it in the next issue. We did not use the Leg Joint Section or the Muscle Connection in this issue, but keep them nearby.

Next Up

 Issue 54 – Leg Joint Section, Outer/Inner Muscle, Muscle Cap, Inner Side Muscle

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