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“The Terminator T-800 takes another step towards completion as we attach the pelvis to the existing endoskeleton body.”




Materials: The Connection Plate is metal and the Pelvic Plate is plastic.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – I’m A Cyborg, But That’s OK
  • Real World Science – Real-Life Cyborgs


Fitting the Pelvis to the Spine

Step 1

Apply a small amount of super glue to the inside edges of these four hexagonal recesses in the Connection Plate.

I recommend using a super glue gel here. Liquid super glue does not seem to hold the nuts well.

Step 2

Fit an M3 lock nut into each recess (with the rounded ends facing up). Allow the glue to dry.

You might be used to letting super glue sit for a few minutes, then moving on. I would definitely wait about an hour to make sure this glue is set:

Steps 3-4

Retrieve your endoskeleton assembly (last worked on in Issue 42) and make sure the Spinal Cord is fully tightened. Then, fit the Connection Plate to the base of the spinal column as shown, passing the Spinal Cord through the shaped hole in the center of the Connection Plate:

Note the orientation of the Connection Plate, it must be fitted with this angled ridge towards the front of the endoskeleton:

Step 5

Secure the Connection Plate to the Spinal Cord by adding the M10 nut as shown. You can use a wrench or pliers, but do not over-tighten.

I found a 14mm wrench worked well here:

Step 6

Retrieve the Pelvic assembly from the previous issue. Fit these four posts into the matching recesses of the Connection Plate.

The pelvis will only fit one way, due to how the rounded indentation fits around the Spinal Cord:

Step 7

Secure the Pelvic assembly to the Connection Plate with four (4) PM 3×8 mm screws:

Step 8

Carefully turn the endoskeleton over, and push the four pegs of the Pelvic Plate into these matching holes of the pelvis.

This should only need to be pushed into place; no glue required:

With this issue complete, the T800 is almost too big for my work table!


Look at our T-800 now, it just keeps getting bigger! I was storing him in a large plastic bin, but he no longer fits in there. Oh, the problems of large-scale model builds, right? The next group of issues finish up the pelvic details and start adding components for the hip joints and legs.

Next Up

 Issue 51 – Pelvic Plate, Hip Socket, Muscle Connector

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