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“We assemble the pelvis, connecting the left, central, and right pelvic frames.”




Materials: Although the Pelvic Shield (Right) is plastic, the main Pelvic Frame is metal.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – eXistenZ
  • Real World Science – The Current State of VR Part 1


Assembling the Pelvis

Step 1

Retrieve the left Pelvic assembly from Issue 45. Take note of these two slots:

Step 2

Retrieve the central Pelvic assembly from the previous issue. Slide these two tabs into the matching slots on the left Pelvic assembly.

The instructions say this might be a tight fit, so you may need to file down the tabs a bit. Mine fit just fine without any filing needed:

Step 3 

Ensure these two screw holes have lined up:

Step 4

Identify these two upper slots of the left Pelvic assembly:

Step 5

Fit the matching tabs of the Pelvic Frame (48-1) into these slots, making sure this is facing the correct way as shown.

Like above, this may be a tight fit, so you may need to file down the tabs a bit. Again, mine fit fine. Check the orientation of the indentation (circled) to ensure this is correct:

Make sure these holes have lined up:

Steps 6-7

Retrieve the right Pelvic assembly from Issue 46. This fits in the same way as the left side:

Steps 7-8

Ensure all four of these holes are lined up, then secure the two pelvic sides to the central frame with four (4) PM 3×8 mm screws:

Step 9

Secure the lower part of the pelvic assembly with these two (2) PM 2×4 mm screws:

Steps 10-12

Turn the entire assembly over, identify these two holes, and secure these base together here with two (2) PM 3×8 mm screws:

Step 13

Turn the assembly right side up again. Apply a small amount of super glue to the sides of these two posts:

Step 14

Fit the Pelvic Shield (Right) to the pelvic assembly as shown, fitting it over the posts where you just applied glue.

These are the holes in the Pelvic Shield (Right) that fit over the posts:

This should sit nice and flush around the edges:


This was a good issue with lots to do! And, we ended up with a big chunk of the model assembled. We did not use the PM 2×6 mm screws supplied with this issue, so store them for now.

Next Up

 Issue 49 – Pelvic Shield (Left), Pelvic Plate/Sockets

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