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“Extend the pelvis by completing the left pelvic frame and adding detail to the right.”




Materials: Like before, the two Pelvic Frame parts are metal, but the rest is plastic.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – Spider-Man: Homecoming
  • Real World Science – Updates from the Milky Way’s Black Hole


The Left Pelvic Frame

The first steps of this issue will be identical to the assembly of the Right Pelvic Frame in Issue 43.

Step 1

Cut the Pelvic Plate (Left) (marked ‘L’ and received with Issue 43) from the sprue and smooth any rough edge at the cut point.

I always recommend using sprue cutters or a sharp hobby knife for this. Then, if there is any sprue left on the part, carefully sand it down:

Step 2

Fit the smaller post on the Pelvic Plate (Left) up into this hole of the Pelvic Frame (Left) (45-1) as shown:

Step 3 

Secure these together with one (1) KB 2×4 mm screw:

Step 4

Fit an M2 nut into these two hexagonal recesses:

Also, to make the next step easier, you may want to put a little tape over the nuts to keep them in place:

Step 5

Flip the frame assembly over while keeping the nuts in place. Fit these two shorter posts of the Pelvic Frame (Left) (45-2) into these matching round recesses of the Pelvic Frame (Left) (45-1):

Step 6

Secure the pelvic frames together with two (2) PM 2×6 mm screws:

Once this is complete, you can remove any tape holding the nuts in place:

Step 7

Cut the Pelvic Girdle Detail (Right) (marked ‘R’) from the sprue, taking care not to remove the ‘foot’:

Step 8

Check the fit of the Pelvic Girdle Detail (Right) against the pelvis assembly. The ‘foot’ fits down into the notch and the curved part fits flush against the pelvis and up against these two tabs:

Step 9

Apply a thin line of super glue along these edges of the Pelvic Girdle Detail (Right)

Step 10

… then secure the Pelvic Girdle Detail (Right) into place, ensuring all of the glued edges are touching:


This was basically a repeat of Issue 43, so not much different to do. Keep the unused Pelvic Girdle Detail (Left) nearby as it will be needed in the next issue.

Next Up

 Issue 46 – Pelvic Girdle/Details (Left)

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