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“The spine continues to take shape as we combine the vertebrae from Issue 41 with the new pieces from this issue.”




Materials: The Spinal Cord is metal (it reminds me of a flexible microphone stand), but the Vertebrae are all plastic.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – Deadpool 2
  • Real World Science – NASA and the ESA Plan Mission to Divert an Asteroid


Fitting Five Vertebrae

Step 1

Place the largest Vertebra (42-3) on your work surface. Stack the next smaller Vertebra (42-2) on top:

Step 2

Stack the next smaller Vertebra (42-1) on top of these:

Step 3 

Stack the next smaller Vertebra (41-6 from the previous issue) on top of these:

Steps 4-5

Stack the smallest Vertebra (41-5 from the previous issue) on top of these to finish off the spine.

Remember these two slots around the hole at the top, this will be important in the following steps:

Step 6

Take a look at the Spinal Cord and note that one end has a thinner collar:

Step 7

Feed this thinner end of the Spinal Cord up through the stack of Vertebrae.

I took my stack apart in order to do this as it seemed easier than trying to line up the entire loose stack:

Also, I found that the holes in some of the Vertebrae were not quite large enough to fit the Spinal Cord easily. Thankfully, with a little twisting and some pressure, the cord pushed through fine:

Step 8

Retrieve your entire endoskeleton assembly from the previous issue. Screw the top of the Spinal Cord into the threaded socket in the end of the Vertebra Spindle.

Remember those notches in the smallest Vertebra I mentioned before? These fit over the splines on the end of the Vertebra Spindle here:

The Spinal Cord should be tightened by hand, but if you find it difficult to twist, you can use an 8 mm wrench on the end. Do not over-tighten!


Boy, this T-800 is getting big and heavy! Before long, he is going to outgrow my cutting mat. What is interesting about this issue is that we have attached every part we have received so far. I have no extra parts in storage at the moment. I would store this entire endoskeleton assembly someplace safe as we will not need it again until Issue 50.

Next Up

 Issue 43 – Pelvic Frames (Right), Pelvic Plates

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