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“Using the thoracic cage, we’ll start to link multiple components of the Terminator head and torso together.”

Our T-800 is going to get much larger while we complete this issue!



Materials: All of the parts in this issue are metal except the two rubber Socket Liners.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – Wargames
  • Real World Science – Military Computers


Creating the Thoracic Cage

Step 1

First, take note of the flattened ends of the two Thoracic Cage Struts:

Retrieve the Thoracic Vertebra Frame from Issue 38. Insert the flattened ends of the Thoracic Cage Struts into  these locations on the Thoracic Vertebra Frame:

Step 2

While holding these struts in place, turn the assembly over. Secure the struts in place with two (2) PM 3×6 mm screws:

Step 3

Insert four (4) M2 nuts into these holes.

The instructions recommend doing these one at a time to make it easier, so let’s do that:

Step 4

Align the Thoracic Cage Base under the holes shown:

Step 5

While holding the nut in place, turn everything over, and secure these together with one (1) PM 2×6 mm screw:

You can now go back and add the remaining three (3) PM 2×6 mm screws and M2 nuts:

Step 6

Retrieve the two Thoracic Cage Braces from the previous issue. Fit them into these holes in the cage frame.

These are the same on both ends, so they can go in either way, but will be loose for now:

Step 7

Slide one of the Socket Liners down into this opening at the top of the cage until it is flush:

Step 8

Retrieve the large shoulder assembly we built in the last issue. Position it above our cage assembly on your work surface.

The arrow below shows what we are about to do:

Step 9

Slide the hole of the Thoracic Cage Shoulder Connection over the upper post of the thoracic cage assembly:

Step 10

Retrieve the Thoracic Cage Joint assemblies from Issue 37 and Issue 38. Position them into the two large sockets, as shown:

Steps 11-12

Retrieve the Skull and Neck assembly (from Issue 22). Fit the base of the neck into the Socket Liner as shown.

The head should be facing you with the seam of the neck centered:

Step 13

Retrieve the cage assembly from Issue 37. Slide the other Socket Liner into this opening until flush, as shown:

Steps 14-15

Fit this cage assembly over the first, align the three screw holes, and secure with three (3) PM 3×6 mm screws:

You will need to align some parts here to get this to attach correctly. The first of three areas to watch out for are these two pins:

Second, there is a pin on the Thoracic Cage Base that needs to align into the cage:

Third, the sides of both Thoracic Cage Joint sockets have these screw mounts that need to fit into each other:

Step 16

Secure the front of the Thoracic Cage Base to the cage assembly with two (2) PM 2×6 mm screws:

When all of this issue’s steps complete, we should have this!

Just for a fun photo, I borrowed the dome stand from my R2-D2 build to prop my T-800 up. He looks fantastic!


OK, this is what I am talking about. Look at the size of this thing! I really enjoy issues where big pieces come together. Now we have the beginnings of the iconic endoskeleton.

Next Up

 Issue 41 – Vertebra Spindle/Casing/Connector, Vertebra (x2)

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