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“Bring together the two shoulder elements by using the thoracic cage connector.”




Materials: The Thoracic Cage Joint Inserts are plastic, but the other parts are all metal.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – Men in Black
  • Real World Science – Asteroid Impacts


Connecting the Right and Left Shoulders

Step 1

Take the Thoracic Cage Shoulder Connection and the two black Thoracic Cage Joint Inserts and arrange them as shown:

Step 2

Fit the raised studs on each insert into the matching recesses of the shoulder connection. These should both be flush.

I did not need any glue here as the inserts stayed in place on their own:

Step 3

Turn the Thoracic Cage Shoulder Connection over and drop a Sprung Washer into each hole:

Step 4

On top of the Sprung Washers, drop an M3 hex nut into each hole (with the rounded top of the nut facing up):

Step 5

Fit a Sprung Washer onto two (2) PM 3×16 mm screws.

Step 6

Retrieve the Right Arm assembly (from Issue 32).  Fit one of the PM 3×16 mm screws through this hole at the end of the shoulder.

TIP: If the Sprung Washer is blocking the screw from fitting down in the hole, tighten it around the screw by squeezing it with some fine-nosed pliers:

Step 7

While holding the washer and nut in the Thoracic Cage Shoulder Connection, bring it up to meet this new screw as shown:

Step 8

Tighten the PM 3×16 mm screw into the nut.

The tightness of this screw will control how easily the shoulder pivots on this axis. If it cannot pivot at all, loosen this screw a bit:

Step 9

Retrieve the Left Shoulder assembly (from Issue 33). Fit it to the opposite shoulder connection in the same way:

Steps 10-11

Secure it into place with the remaining PM 3×16 mm screw/washer:

Once complete, both shoulders should be joined together, like this:


Now we are getting somewhere! After all those little issues, we finally get to connect various assemblies together. If you liked this issue, you will really enjoy the next one as our T-800 is going to grow even larger. The two Thoracic Cage Braces were not used this time, but keep them handy for the next issue.

Next Up

 Issue 40 – Thoracic Cage Strut/Base, Socket Liner

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