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“Expand the spinal column with an additional vertebra, and set up the thoracic frame for future assembly.”




Materials: As before, the Thoracic Cage Joint parts are chromed plastic, but the Thoracic Vertebra Shaft is metal.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – Justice League
  • Real World Science – The Invention of Zero, and the Language of Binary


Components for Thoracic Cage Joint and Vertebra

Step 1

As in the last issue, fit the post of the Thoracic Cage Joint (Top) through the hole in the end of the Thoracic Cage Joint (Shaft).

Step 2

Fit the Thoracic Cage Joint (Top with Hole) into the other side of the shaft, completing the ball:

Step 3

Secure these two cage joints together with one (1) PM 3×6 mm screw:

Steps 4-5

First, take note of the flattened end of the Thoracic Vertebra Shaft:

Retrieve the Thoracic Vertebra Frame assembly from the previous issue. Fit the flattened end of this shaft into the hole shown below:

Step 6

Turn this assembly and secure the shaft in place with one (1) PM 3×6 mm screw:


Well, this issue was really short! This is OK as the next issue we will have more to do.

Next Up

 Issue 39 – Thoracic Cage Shoulder Connector/Joint Insert/Brace

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