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“We’ll begin assembling the thoracic cage this issue, build out the spinal frame, and add a vertebra to it.”





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Components for the The Thoracic Cage Joint and Vertebra

Step 1

Fit the post of the Thoracic Cage Joint (Top) through the hole in the end of the Thoracic Cage Joint (Shaft).

I don’t think it matters, but the two halves of the ball have different posts inside. To start with, we will use the one on the left:

Step 2

Fit the Thoracic Cage Joint (Top with Hole) into the other side of the shaft, completing the ball:

Step 3

Secure these two cage joints together with one (1) PM 3×6 mm screw:

Step 4

Retrieve the leftover Cap from the previous issue. Fit this (hollow side down) into the matching socket on the Thoracic Vertebra Part (37-1).

The Cap should be sitting flush in the socket:

Step 5

Retrieve the Thoracic Vertebra Frame from Issue 35. Fit two (2) M2 nuts flush into the recesses at the lower left end of the Thoracic Vertebra Frame, as shown:

Step 6

As we have done before, fit the Thoracic Vertebra Part (37-1) assembly under these nuts, aligning the holes and pegs:

Step 7

And like before, while holding the nuts in place, turn the assembly over and secure them with two (2) PB 2×6 mm screws:


These recent issues have been quite small, but we are indeed inching our way to completion of the chest frame. While the Thoracic Vertebra Part is metal, all of the Thoracic Cage Joint parts are chromed plastic.

Next Up

 Issue 38 – Thoracic Vertebra Shaft, Thoracic Cage Joint

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