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“Fit the new parts to the right arm and shoulder assembly to create a shoulder hinge joint.”




Materials: The Right Shoulder End Piece Insert is plastic in this issue, but the rest of the parts are all metal.


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Complete a Hinge Joint on the Right Shoulder

Step 1

Take the Right Shoulder End Piece Insert and apply a little super glue to the raised posts:

Step 2

Secure this insert to the Right Shoulder End Piece as shown, aligning the posts to the holes:

Step 3

Retrieve the Right Shoulder assembly from Issue 28. Take note of the two mounting points as well as this tab:

Step 4

Align the notch of the Right Shoulder End Piece to the tab on the Right Shoulder assembly, and secure with two (2) PM 3×6 screws:

Step 5

Retrieve the Right Shoulder Joint from the last issue. Note the flat sides of the recess match the sides of the Right Shoulder Joint Cap:

Step 6

Match these flat sides together and insert the Right Shoulder Joint Cap into the Right Shoulder Joint:

Step 7

Retrieve the Right Arm assembly from Issue 26. Check that it is orientated as shown.

Also, note these four tabs inside the circular section:

Step 8

Fit the Right Shoulder Joint assembly into this socket of the Right Arm assembly.

The small notches in the back of the Right Shoulder Joint assembly match up to those tabs:

It should sit flush against the arm:

Step 9

Slide the head of the Right Shoulder assembly in between these two parts at the top of the Right Arm:

Take note of these two flat edges inside the other side of the Right Arm joint:

Step 10

Fit the Right Shoulder Joint Shaft through the Right Shoulder and Right Arm, as shown.

The Right Shoulder Joint Shaft has matching flat surfaces:

This shaft should sit also flush when inserted correctly:

Step 11

Fit one (1) PM 3×10 mm Allen screw through the Right Shoulder Joint assembly. Use the Allen key supplied with Issue 26 to tighten this screw into the end of the Right Shoulder Joint Shaft:

The tighter you make this screw, the less the joint will be able to move. Try to find a balance between easy rotation and the ability of the joint to hold the arm in position:


Wow, the Right Arm assembly just got even more interesting with another joint attached. I am actually surprised by how much articulation is built into the design of this model. There are so many joints!

Next Up

 Issue 33 – Left Shoulder End Piece/Insert/Details, Thoracic Vertebra End Piece

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