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“This issue, we’ll add the left shoulder blade, along with other shoulder accessories, and assemble part of the right shoulder joint.”




Materials: The only metal in this issue is the Right Shoulder Joint – the rest is plastic.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – Tron
  • Real World Science – The History of Time: Part Two


Fit Left Shoulder Accessories and Add Joint For The Right Shoulder

Steps 1-2

Retrieve the Left Shoulder assembly from the previous issue. Insert the Plastic Liner into the side socket, as shown:

Make sure goes in all the way:

Steps 3-4

Fit this side socket into the recess of the Left Shoulder Blade, as shown:

Steps 5-6

Slide the Left Shoulder Blade Fixing Shaft down into the tube in the side socket, as shown:

Well… this was as far as I could get it to push in no matter how hard I forced it with my hands:

I tried everything I could think of, from all of my body weight pressing on a kitchen counter to putting it in a craft vise. Nothing worked. I eventually went all out, put some cushioning on each end, and used a freaking HAMMER! But, it worked. After I posted this article, I heard from other builders that a drop of dish soap on the shaft will make this a LOT easier:

Step 7

Fit the Left Shoulder Blade Fixing Cap into the lower end of the joint. This is a push-fit connection.

My ‘hammer’ work resulted in one of the pins breaking off, but no matter, this will still hold in place just fine. We can always super glue, if needed:

Step 8

Apply super glue to the notched end of the Left Shoulder Accessory:

Step 9

Fix the pipe into place on the Left Shoulder.

This hole of the Left Shoulder has a matching tab for this notched pipe:

This should end up parallel to the shoulder joint:

Step 10

After test-fitting it, apply a little super glue to the Right Shoulder Insert:

Step 11

Secure the Right Shoulder Insert into the Right Shoulder Joint, aligning the four holes:


The shoulder are starting to look pretty good, but why did Hachette design this where I had to use a HAMMER?! I’ve never used a hammer on any of my part work builds until now. Sigh… anyway. I wish the scapula (shoulder blade) was metal and not chromed plastic, but I imagine we can’t have everything in metal or this model will end up too heavy.

Next Up

 Issue 32 – Right Shoulder End Piece/Insert, Right Shoulder Joint Shaft/Cap

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