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“Connect the existing left shoulder assemble with the left shoulder extender, to add the parts that will anchor it to the T-800 Endoskeleton’s scapula and spine.”





  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – Timecop
  • Real World Science – The History of Time: Part One


Extend the Left Shoulder

Steps 1-2

Retrieve the Left Shoulder assembly from the last issue.  Apply a little super glue to the pins on the back of the Left Shoulder Accessory:

This will be secured into these holes:

Step 3

Secure the Left Shoulder Accessory to the Left Shoulder assembly, as shown:

Step 4

Note the three raised posts on the Left Shoulder Part:

These match the recessed holes in the center of the Left Shoulder assembly:

Step 5

Secure the Left Shoulder Part to the Left Shoulder assembly with two (2) PM 3×8 mm screws, aligning the pin between the screw holes:


This all feels very familiar since we did it once already for the other shoulder. In this issue, the Left Shoulder Part is metal, and the Left Shoulder Accessory is plastic.

Next Up

 Issue 31 – Left Shoulder Blade/Rod/Cap/Detail, Right Shoulder Joint/Insert

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Building the 1:2 scale Terminator T-800 from Hachette Partworks