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“Combining the new components with the left shoulder assembly from last issue, we’ll complete part of the left shoulder joint.”

This issue is going to practically mirror Issue 25.



Materials: While the Left Shoulder Plate is metal in this issue, the rest of these parts are plastic.


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  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – Evolution
  • Real World Science – Redesigned DNA


The Left Shoulder Build Continues

Step 1

Cut these two shoulder accessories from the larger Left Shoulder Accessories plastic frame:

Step 2

Check how these parts fit together, then apply super glue along the raised spine of the smaller part:

Step 3

Fit the two parts together to create Shoulder Accessory A. Take note of the seam:

Step 4

Cut the remaining parts from the larger sprue and lay them out with Shoulder Accessory A as shown. For ease of identification, I have assigned each of them a letter:

Step 5

Retrieve the shoulder joint assembly from the previous issue. Orientate it as shown, then slide the foot of Shoulder Accessory A into the matching slot at the top. The seam should be facing away from you. If the fit is satisfactory, glue the part into place:

Step 6

Add a little super glue to the foot of Shoulder Accessory B and insert into this location:

Step 7

Add a little super glue to the foot of Shoulder Accessory C and insert into this location:

Step 8

Add a little super glue to the foot of Shoulder Accessory D and insert into this location:

Step 9

Add a little super glue to the foot of Shoulder Accessory E and insert into this location:

Step 10

Ensure the screws of the inner toothed cog are inline with Shoulder Accessories A and C, then press the Right Shoulder Spring into the center of the assembly:

Step 11

Take note of this notched section on the Left Shoulder Plate:

Fit the Left Shoulder Spring into the ring at the center of this Left Shoulder Plate. Then, squeeze the assembly together so this notch fits over Shoulder Accessory B, as shown:

While squeezing the parts together, secure them all with three (3) PM 3×6 mm screws:


The Left  Shoulder is starting to come together now. I am really looking forward to the issues where we add all the hoses and pistons that attach to these shoulders.

Next Up

 Issue 30 – Left Shoulder Joint/Detail

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