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“Combine the upper and lower right arm segments, and collect a component for the left shoulder.”




Materials: The Left Shoulder and the washers are metal, but the rest of these parts are plastic.


Allen Key (part 26-8)


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – Starship Troopers
  • Real World Science – This Insect Earth


Connect the Right Arm with the Elbow Joint

Steps 1-2

Retrieve the lower arm assembly from Issue 24. Remove the two screws circled below and lift off the panel (keep the screws nearby):

Step 3

Grab the two black Right Elbow Parts (26-4) and apply a small drop of glue to each raised post:

Step 4

Fit a Right Elbow Part (26-4) into each matching recess, making sure the posts go into the matching holes so they sit flush:

Step 5

Fit the Small Cylinder into the hole at the end of the forearm.

This cylinder (bushing) does not stay in place, and is not really needed until later so I did not install it yet. But, this is what is looks like:

Step 6-7

Retrieve the upper arm assembly from Issue 7. Fit the end of the shorter piston into this hole of the forearm assembly:

Step 8

Place two Right Elbow Washers over the exposed peg of the piston:

Step 9

Replace the forearm panel from Step 1 and reinsert the two (2) PM 2×6 mm screws. The end of the piston should now be captured:

Steps 10-11

Flip the arm assembly over. The end of the longer piston has a recess on one side. Make sure this is facing up:

Slide the end of the longer piston over this hole of the forearm assembly.

This is the point where I finally inserted the Small Cylinder:

Step 12

Line up the main elbow joint hinge and then secure this piston end with one (1) PM 2×10 mm screw. The pan head should fit down inside the recessed part of the end of the piston:

Step 13

Fit the remaining Right Elbow Washer over one (1) PM 3×10 Allen screw and grab the Right Elbow Pin from the previous issue:

Push the shank of the Right Elbow Pin up through the elbow joint until it sits flush.

The Right Elbow Pin has two flat sides on it and may need to be turned a bit to seat all the way. I turned the arm over for this picture:

Step 14

Secure the elbow joint with the PM 3×10 Allen screw. This screw adjusts the resistance of the joint movement, so tighten it to your taste.

Hachette supplies the Allen Key for this screw with this issue. Do not over-tighten this or you will not be able to move the elbow:

Step 15

On the back of the Right Elbow Part (26-2), there are two pins that match the holes on either side of the screw we just installed. Add tiny drops of super glue to each pin…

Step 13

… and press it into the opening around the screw, seating the pins in the holes.

The Allen screw is left accessible so you can readjust the elbow stiffness at any time:


I am beyond excited that we have completed the right arm! It has quite a bit of adjustment, so I can see a lot of posing possibilities. Soon we will have to do it all over again for the left arm, but that is for another issue. The Left Shoulder was not used, but keep it nearby for the next issue. Finally, keep the Allen key safe as it will often be needed again.

Next Up

 Issue 27 – Right Shoulder Details, Left Shoulder Cap/Inserts

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