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“Combine the first complete limb, and collect the right shoulder plate.”




Materials: Everything in this issue is plastic, except for the metal Right Shoulder Plate.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends -Delicatessen
  • Real World Science – The History and Science of Cultured Meat


Connect the Right Hand to the Right Arm

Step 1

The Right Hand Ball Joint A and B are two halves of the one piece:

Step 2

Fit the two halves together and secure with one (1) PB 2×6 mm screw. These are the ‘pan’ head screws, not the countersunk screws:

Step 3

Retrieve the hand assembly from Issue 15. Fit the assembled ball joint to the base of the hand, as shown.

The post on the ball joint has flat sides that try to keep this from rotating:

Steps 4-5

Secure the ball joint to the hand with one (1) KB 2×6 mm screw.

My ball joint did not spin while tightening this screw, but other builders have had it happen. You may need to grip the ball with something that will not damage it such as rubber tipped pliers:

Step 6

Retrieve the forearm assembly from Issue 16. Take note of the large socket and three smaller sockets on the end:

Step 7

Press the large socket over the large ball joint you just installed. This is a ‘push-pit’ connection that needs firm force to join the parts.

This took a lot more than ‘firm’ force on my model. I was convinced I was going to snap the plastic ball joint, but it finally popped home:

Step 8

Turn the arm over, and press the three smaller sockets onto the small ball joints of the hand.

These went on a LOT easier:

Step 9

Thread the four muscle springs through the respective holes in the base of the hand. These should not cross over each other:

Step 10

Cut the four Right Hand Muscle Connectors from the sprue, making sure not to cut off the long peg on each one:

Steps 11-14

Take one of the connectors and apply a tiny drop of super glue to the sides of the long peg. Fit the connector into the end of one of the spring muscles. Repeat this step for all four muscles. Super glue the rectangular pegs of each connector into the matching hole of the hand.

I did this and the next steps out of order, because I found it easier and aligned the springs better. First, I glued the square tab of the first connector to the matching slot in the inside of the hand:

Next, I repeated this process for the other three connectors:

Finally, I slid the springs onto the long pegs of each connector. They fit easily and are quite snug with no glue required. Because certain hand/arm positions may pull on these springs, I may need to revisit these spring ends with a drop of glue. But, at this point, they seem to hold just fine:


Our right forearm is now complete! Everything is looking great so far! We did not use the Right Shoulder Plate, but it is needed for the next issue, so keep it nearby.

Next Up

 Issue 25 – Right Shoulder Details/Spring

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