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“This issue, we collect another piece of the right shoulder, connect the jaw together, and place the eye sockets onto the skull.”




Materials: The Jaw Connector parts are plastic, but the pins and Right Shoulder are metal.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – Mad Max
  • Real World Science – Desertification


Connect the Jaw, Assemble the Head

Connect the Jaw
Step 1

Position the plastic frame of the Jaw Connectors so that the curved ends of the long parts are facing up:

Cut the Right Jaw Connectors (parts 22-2 and 22-5, both marked with an ‘R’) out of the frame.

Using sprue cutters here makes this much simpler:

Step 2

Fit the bracket of the Right Jaw Connector A over the matching tab of Right Jaw Connector B as shown, aligning the holes. If these do not fit, use a fine file to remove excess material. However, do not make it too loose as this should be a snug fit:

Step 3

Take one of the Jaw Pins and press it into the hole to secure these parts together:

I used my flat tweezers to start the Jaw Pin in, then used the flats to press it flush into place:

Step 4

Check the fit of the Right Jaw Connectors. The two straight ends should slide into these holes under the right eye socket:

Step 5

If you are satisfied with the fit, super glue the curved end into the lower jaw:

Step 6-8

Remove the Left Jaw Connectors from the sprue and repeat the previous steps to attach it to the left side of the jaw:

Assemble the Head
Steps 9-10

Retrieve the faceplate from Issue 10 and slide it onto the skull. There is a pin in the center that fits into a hole between the eyes. At the same time, the prongs on the side fit over the raised tab of the skull base. It should stay in place without any glue or screws:


Look at his skull! I definitely think I will be weathering the endoskeleton as more of it comes together. We did not use the Right Shoulder piece, but keep it handy for the next issue.

Next Up

 Issue 23 – Right Shoulder Joint

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