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“In this issue, we’ll begin building the right shoulder, tidying up the jaw joint, and connecting the head to the top of the skull.”




Materials: The Right Shoulder Joint and Metal Shafts are metal, but the rest of these parts are plastic.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – District 9
  • Real World Science – Restoring Cell Functionality in Dead Pig Brains


Assembling the Right Shoulder Joint and Connect Up the Skull

Right Shoulder Joint
Steps 1-2

Apply a tiny drop of super glue to the four raised posts on one of the Right Shoulder Joint Fittings and fit it into the Right Shoulder Joint:

Step 3

Repeat the previous steps to insert the other Right Shoulder Joint Fitting into the other side of the Right Shoulder Joint:

Connect Up the Skull
Step 4

Cut the two Lower Jaw Joint Covers from the plastic frame.

I always use sprue cutters for this type of work as they cut very close and seldom leave any flashing behind:

Steps 5-6

Make sure the jaw screw is tight, then take note of these two holes above and below the screw:

Each Lower Jaw Joint Cover has two pins that match these holes. Apply a tiny bit of super glue to both pins, then drop the cover into these holes, seating the pins. You do not want to get glue on the screw, as this will stop the jaw from moving easily:

Step 7

Repeat the previous steps to add the other Lower Jaw Joint Cover to the left side jaw joint:

Step 8

At the rear of the Top of Head (cranium) are four circular recesses. The two recesses at the top are larger than the two below. These are for the Metal Shafts. You should make sure these all fit OK. If not, use a small file to make the holes a little larger:

I laid out the Metal Shafts next to the cranium here, with the larger shafts at the rear:

Steps 9-11

Using super glue or other suitable adhesive, secure one of the larger Metal Shafts into an upper hole:

Then, repeat this gluing process for the other three Metal Shafts:

Step 12

Retrieve the head assembly and run all of the wiring out the back (there should be two on each side), then fit this assembly over the head.

Make sure there is no gap in this location. If you get the gap, see the end of Issue 18 where I did some test fitting and fixed it:

Step 13

Secure the cranium to the skull with two (2) PM 2×4 mm screws:


It is nice to get more of the head complete. There is still a ways to go, but we have less loose parts now. Keep the shoulder joint nearby, we will need it in Issue 23.

Next Up

 Issue 22 – Right Shoulder Cap, Jaw Connectors

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