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“Attach the support plate to the upper part of the stand, and connect the Terminator model to the stand using thumbscrews.”




Materials: All of the non-electrical parts in this issue are plastic.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – Terminator 2: Judgement Day
  • Real World Science – How to Terminate

Assemble the Remote Control

Steps 1-2

Remove the four Transparent Elements from the sprue and fit them into these matching openings in the back of the Remote Control Case (Front), as shown.

I used sprue cutters to remove the plastic parts from the sprues, but a sharp hobby knife would work as well. If desired, you can use small drops of super glue to secure them in place. My parts fit fine without the need for any glue (and I do not like to use glue around any buttons anyway):

Step 3

Identify the various buttons on the Control Buttons sprue:

Step 4

One at a time, remove a Control Button from the sprue and fit it to the correct opening on the back of the Remote Control Case (Front), as shown:

These buttons are not held in place just yet, so do not turn the Remote Control Case (Front) or they will fall out. I only took this picture to show how I swapped two of the Searchlight buttons since I changed the location of the lights to oppose each other on the base assembly:

Step 5

Fit the holes in the Circuit Board over the matching posts of the Remote Control Case (Front), aligning the switches of the Circuit Board behind the Control Buttons as shown:

Step 6

Use a drop of super glue to secure the M2 nut into this matching hexagonal recess of the Remote Control Case (Back), as shown.

Make sure this glue has dried before you install the Battery Cover screw later on:

Step 7

Connect the plug of the Remote Control Case (Back) to the socket on the Circuit Board.

Be sure to insert this plug correctly, as shown:

Step 8

Fit the Remote Control Case (Back) onto the Remote Control Case (Front), enclosing the Circuit Board as shown.

Make sure the wiring is not pinched or trapped between the case parts:

Step 9

Secure the two case parts together with four (4) PB 2×4 mm screws:

Step 10

Insert two AAA batteries (not included) into the back of the Remote Control as shown:

Fit the Battery Cover into place and secure it with one (1) PM 2×6 mm screw:

Learn How to Use it to Control Your Model

The instructions included with the model are quite good, so I just scanned them. You can also click on this image to download a PDF version:

For the first time, my T-800 model came to life and worked perfectly! I especially like my Searchlight colors at the opposite corners:


I love that our model is remote controlled! I have heard from other builders that the model will drain the batteries quickly, so be sure to turn off both battery switches when your T-800 is not being used (or lit up). You may even want to remove the batteries from the remote control as well when not in use. I would love to see a Power Mod created by our community that would keep the base powered so we can have him lit up for longer periods of time!

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