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“Attach the stand to the brackets, combine it with the base by threading it through from the underside, then add the last backing panel and pads.”




Materials: The Lower Part of Stand and Stand Inserts are metal, the Backing Panel is fiberboard, and the Adhesive Pads are foam rubber.


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Assemble the Lower Half of the Stand and Connect it to the Base

NOTE: Before I started Issues 115-120 of my build, I customized my Display Base. Check out my Modding the Base page for more details to see how I got to this final product!

Step 1

Retrieve your Circuit Board Cover assembly from the previous issue. Fit the bottom bar of the Lower Part of Stand between the Brackets, aligning the screw holes.

Make sure these holes at the ends of the Lower Part of Stand are facing AWAY from the center of the Circuit Board Cover, as shown:

Step 2

Insert four (4) PM 3×35 mm screws through each Bracket, the Stand bar, and the matching Bracket behind, as shown:

Step 3

Secure the Stand to the Brackets by attaching four (4) M3 nuts to the PM 3x35mm screws and tightening them all.

Make sure the Stand is upright and perpendicular to the Circuit Board Cover:

With these long Stand screws now secured, we can tighten the eight screws holding the Brackets to the Cover (if you left them loose before like I did):

Step 4

Retrieve your base panel assembly and slide the Stand uprights through the two large holes in the base from the bottom.

You may want to get help with this step to hold the base assembly on its side. The uprights of the Stand need to be inserted through these two holes at an angle, which on my model meant it rubbed on a small pipe detail of the Display Base. You can also temporarily remove the Backing Panel (117-4) we attached in the previous stage to make more room, but be aware that the Battery Box will be free to fall out:

The two holes in the uprights of the Stand should be facing the rear of the Display Base, like this:

Step 5

With the Stand uprights fully inserted, align the Circuit Board Cover to the base assembly and secure it into place with four (4) PB 3×6 mm screws as shown.

If you removed the Backing Panel (117-4) in the previous step, it can be reattached after this step is complete:

Steps 6-7

Fit the final Backing Panel to the base assembly, align the screw holes, and secure it into place with four (4) PB 3×6 mm screws.

Make sure we do not pinch or trap any wiring while attaching these Backing panels:

Step 8

Remove the four round Adhesive Pads from the backing paper and apply them to the outer corners of the base assembly, as shown:

Step 9

Finally, begin to slide the two Stand Inserts into the ends of the Lower Part of Stand tubes by squeezing them into a ‘U’ shape and inserting them with ‘bend’ first.

Align the pegs of the Stand Inserts to the matching holes of the Stand tubes and finish sliding them down into place.

These pegs are designed to be pushed into the tubes. This will allow us to adjust the height of the stand:


We only have one more issue to go and the base will be complete! I was a little worried that this stand would be a bit wobbly, but it is actually quite stable. I am looking forward to getting our T-800 into place!

Next Up

 Issue 119 – Upper Part of Stand, Support Plate, Screw Sleeves, Chain

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