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“Combine the battery box with its edging and attach it to the base, add a backing panel to hold it in place, and affix brackets to the circuit board cover.”




Materials: The Brackets are metal, the Backing Panel is fiberboard, and the non-electrical parts are plastic.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – Ready Player One
  • Real World Science – In Loving Memory

Fit the Battery Box into the Base

NOTE: Before I started Issues 115-120 of my build, I customized my Display Base. Check out my Modding the Base page for more details to see how I got to this final product!

Step 1

Fit four (4) C size batteries (not included) into the Battery Box and Cable, matching the polarity to the markings in the box, as shown.

Steps 2-3

Fit this tab of the Edging for Battery Box into the matching slot on the side of the Battery Box, as shown.

This edging will partially cover the batteries and is designed to be easily removed so the batteries can be replaced as needed.

Step 4

Retrieve your base panel assembly, turn it upside down, and fit the Battery Box assembly to this location.

Take care not to damage any of the base details we have added. You may even want to set the base panel sections on something to raise them up off your work surface:

Step 5

Connect the plug of the Battery Box to this socket of the Main Circuit Board, as shown.

I used a piece of electrical tape here to keep the Battery Box and Switch cables clear of the Backing panels we are about to install:

Step 6

Fit the Backing Panel to the corner where the Battery Box is, aligning the screw holes as shown.

Make sure we do not pinch or trap any wiring while attaching these Backing panels:

Step 7

Secure this Backing panel to the base with four (4) PB 3×6 mm screws:

Step 8

Retrieve your Circuit Board Cover and the PM 3×6 mm screws from the previous issue. Align one of the Brackets to a pair of these holes at the edge, as shown:

Fit two (2) PM 3×6 mm screws up through the Circuit Board Cover and into the Bracket:

Loosely fit two (2) M3 nuts onto the screws so the Bracket is attached, but can still slide back and forth:

Step 9

Repeat the previous step to loosely secure another Bracket to the other set of edge holes, as shown:

Steps 10-11

Loosely secure the remaining two Brackets to the next set of holes facing the opposite direction, as shown:


These Brackets will support the stand that will keep our T-800 standing upright. We will start on the stand in the next issue!

Next Up

 Issue 118 – Lower Part of Stand, Stand Inserts, Backing Panel, Adhesive Pads

2 thoughts on “ISSUE 117”

  1. Hi I just need another 15 issues of the T800 build all of them late issues from 105 to 120 but cannot get them anywhere, do you know where I can get them please.
    Thank you.

    1. Other than eBay or the Facebook buy/sell groups, I do not. You might be able to reach out to Agora and see if they have them laying around anywhere.

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