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“Glue extra detailing to the base, and reinforce and protect it with the first two backing panels.”




Materials: The Circuit Board Cover is metal, but the Backing Panel is fiberboard.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – Vivarium
  • Real World Science – Imposter Syndrome

Fit Additional Base Details and Attach Two Backing Panels

NOTE: Before I started Issues 115-120 of my build, I customized my Display Base. Check out my Modding the Base page for more details to see how I got to this final product!

Step 1

Retrieve your base panel assembly and the two leftover Details from the previous issue.

Since I was Modding the Base, I painted these two Details to look more like bone:

Steps 2-3

Apply a small amount of super glue to the posts of these Details and fit them into the matching recesses of the base panel assembly, as shown:

Step 4

Retrieve your Backing for Base Assembly from the previous issue. Carefully turn the entire base assembly upside down and fit this Backing panel to the corner where the Speaker is, aligning the screw holes as shown.

Since this is where we start closing up the base, I re-installed and connected all of my Searchlights at this point. Remember, on my model I changed the position of the lights so the red and blue lights are at opposite corners:

I think I changed the order of the wires here, but the result is the same – the red and blue Searchlights are at opposite corners. I also re-taped all of the wiring down to the Base Panels:

Then, I laid the first Backing panel into place. Make sure we do not pinch or trap any wiring while attaching these Backing panels. Take care not to damage any of the base details we have added. You may even want to set the base panel sections on something to raise them up off your work surface.

Step 5

Secure this Backing panel to the base with four (4) PB 3×6 mm screws:

Step 6

Fit the Second Backing for Base Assembly (from this issue) next to the previous panel, aligning the screw holes as shown:

Step 7

Secure this Backing panel to the base with four (4) PB 3×6 mm screws:


We did not use the Circuit Board Cover in this issue, so keep it safe for now. These Backing panels are covered with a felt-like material likely so they will help protect the surface the finished base will be sitting on.

Next Up

 Issue 117 – Edging for Battery Box, Battery Box and Cable, Brackets, Backing Panel

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