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“Connect the hidden wiring beneath the base and attach the switch underneath the skull.”




Materials: The Backing is fiberboard and the rest of the non-electrical parts in this issue are resin.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – Ad Astra
  • Real World Science – Over the Moon

Affix the Speaker and Switch to the Base

NOTE: Before I started Issues 115-120 of my build, I customized my Display Base. Check out my Modding the Base page for more details to see how I got to this final product!

Steps 1-2

Retrieve your base panel assembly from the previous issue and remove the large Skull. Slide the plug of the Switch with Cable down through the rectangular hole underneath where the Skull was:

Push the switch body down into the hole until it snaps into place.

Which direction this switch is installed does not matter, it is up to you:

Step 3-4

Carefully turn the entire base assembly upside down and connect the plug of the Switch with Cable to this socket of the Main Circuit Board.

Take care not to damage any of the base details we have added. You may even want to set the base panel sections on something to raise them up off your work surface. Also, you may notice the Searchlight wiring is missing in this stage, that is because I was in the middle of Modding the Base:

Step 5

Slide the recessed side of the Fixing Ring for Speaker over the plug of the Speaker with Cable, as shown:

Step 6

Fit the Fixing Ring for Speaker onto the back of the Speaker, aligning the notch in the ring around the wiring connections, as shown.

The notch in the Fixing Ring for Speaker fits around the wiring, so take care not to damage the cable connection here:

Step 7

Fit this Speaker assembly to the matching location on the underside of the base assembly.

We want the wiring of the Speaker to be facing the Main Circuit Board, as shown:

Step 8

Secure the Speaker assembly to the base with four (4) PB 2×4 mm screws:

Step 9

Connect the plug of the Speaker with Cable to this socket of the Main Circuit Board:


The two Details and the Backing for the Base Assembly (as well as the 3x6mm PB screws) were not used here, but will be needed in the next issue so keep them nearby.  This is a pretty good sized speaker, so I am really curious to hear what sounds are stored on the Main Circuit Board and how good they will sound!

Next Up

 Issue 116 – Second Backing Panel for Base Assembly, Circuit Board Cover

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