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“The T-800 Terminator™ Endoskeleton head takes shape, as we mount the motor unit inside it.”




Materials: While both brackets are metal, the rest of this issue’s parts are plastic.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – The Andromeda Strain
  • Real World Science – Observing the Universe: The Most Advanced Telescopes Part 4


Assemble and Mount the Head Motor Support

Head Motor Support
Step 1

Find these three mounting posts at the back of the skull:

Step 2

Fit the Motor Support over these posts and secure into place with three (3) PM 2×4 mm screws:

Steps 3-4

Retrieve the Motor assembly from the previous issue. Slide the peg on the disc at the side of the Motor Housing through the slot in the Head Motor Joint A, as shown:

Steps 4-5

Fit the Motor Casing over the Motor and secure with two (2) PB 2×6 mm screws:

Make sure the wiring from the Motor comes up through here:

Step 6-8

Fit the small hole in the Left-Hand Bracket (with the raised post near the bend) over this peg on the head:

Step 9

Fix the front of the bracket into place with one (1) PM 2×4 mm screw (from the rear):

The other end of the screw should be flush with the front face of the bracket:

Step 10

Secure the rear leg of the Left-Hand Bracket to the skull with one (1) PM 2×4 mm screw, as shown:

Steps 11-12

Repeat these steps to install the Right-Hand Bracket in the same way with two (2) PM 2×4 mm screws:


Adding these brackets really adds some weight to the head assembly. I’m going to guess that those posts at the back of the brackets will be for mounting a small circuit board to control the head motors/lights.

Next Up

 Issue 21 – Right Shoulder, Jaw Caps, Skull Magnets

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