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“Sync up the cogs and motor casing that bring your T-800 Terminator™ Endoskeleton to life.”




Materials: All of the non-electrical parts here are plastic.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – The Iron Giant
  • Real World Science – Observing the Universe: The Most Advanced Telescopes Part 3


Assemble the Head Motor

Head Motor
Step 1

Fit the Cog Assembly Housing to the Connecting Cog Assembly. Note the locating pin used to align the parts:

Steps 2-3

Secure these parts together with two (2) PB 2×6 mm screws.

The instructions say to use PWB 2x6x5 mm screws, but that is incorrect. Use the PB 2×6 mm screws:

Steps 4-5

Align the raised posts of the Motor Housing into the holes of the tabs on the sides of the Motor:

The gear should pass through the large hole:

Step 6

Secure the Motor into place with two (2) PWB 2x6x5 mm screws:

Step 7

On the cog assembly, check the alignment of the circular disc (with the peg). The wedge on the disc should be rotated so it butts up against the wedge on the housing:

Steps 8-9

Fit the cog assembly over the Motor Housing, meshing the gears, and aligning the three mounting holes. Secure these parts together with three (3) PB 2×6 mm screws:


While this is called the ‘head’ motor, it will actually open and close the jaw. That should be fun!

Next Up

 Issue 20 – Jaw Motor Mount

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