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“In this issue, we’ll combine the existing head components with the eye motor, ultimately granting movement and control over the T-800’s terrifying red eyes.”




Materials: Everything non-electrical in this issue is plastic.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – The Time Machine
  • Real World Science – Observing the Universe: The Most Advanced Telescopes Part 2


Fitting the Sides of the Head to the Top of the Head

Eye Motor
Step 1

Retrieve the Upper Jaw assembly from Issue 2 as well as the Eye Motor Support from this issue. Note these two mounting posts.

Never mind the electrical tape you see here, I was using it to hold the eyes and cross brace in place temporarily:

Fit the Eye Motor Support over these two protruding posts (it will sit up on top of the posts and not flush with the eye socket housing) and secure the support into place with two (2) PB 1.7×4 mm screws:

Step 3

Fit the Motor for Eyes to the Eye Motor Support as shown, making sure the shaft of the motor fits into this slot of the Head Connection Component A we installed back in Issue 1.

If you find that this simply won’t fit as expected, it could be that your eyeballs are upside down (it’s not your fault). See Issue 1 for details:

Steps 4-5

Secure the motor in place, as shown, with two (2) PB 1.7×4 mm screws:

Mounting the Upper Jaw
Step 6

Retrieve the Lower Jaw/Neck assembly from Issue 13. Note these three holes in the triangular tab at the front of the skull base:

Step 7

Take note of these three matching screw sockets in the Upper Jaw assembly:

Step 8

Position the Upper Jaw assembly over this triangular tab, align the holes, and secure with three (3) PB 2×4 mm screws.

You will have to fasten these screws from underneath, up through the Lower Jaw assembly:

Test Fitting the Skull Components

This is not part of the issue, but I wanted to see how the entire skull is coming along. The first thing I did was align the Upper Skull assembly over the Upper Jaw assembly. If you notice that this joint does not sit down correctly on either side, loosen the three screws in Step 8 above, wiggle the pieces into place, then re-tighten the jaw screws when the Upper Skull is in place:

Finally, slide the Faceplate on and we get this! It is looking fantastic so far. I think I am going to have to weather him, but not until later:


Well, now the eyes are held in place by the motor and we’ve tied down some loose parts. We have also added another section to the skull. We have quite a few issues to go until we complete the head, but it is looking pretty darn menacing!

Next Up

 Issue 19 – Jaw Motor/Gearbox

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