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“In this issue, you will attach the sides of the head assembled in Issues 9 and 15 to the top of the head, supplied with this issue. We all add ball joints to the base of the hand.”




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Fitting the Sides of the Head to the Top of the Head

Upper Skull
Step 1

Retrieve the Right Skull Plate assembly from Issue 9 and the Top of Head from this issue:

Step 2

Fit the Right Skull Plate to the underside of the Top of Head as shown, and secure with two (2) PM 2×4 mm screws:

Step 3

Retrieve the Left Skull Plate assembly from Issue 15. Secure it to the other side of the Top of Head with two (2) PM 2×4 mm screws:

Right Wrist Joints
Step 4

Retrieve the Right Hand assembly from Issue 15 along with the Ball Joints for Right Wrist. Note their odd-shaped mounting holes below:

Step 5

Fit one of these ball joints into the palm of the hand, aligning the unique post shape with each hole until they are fully flush:

Step 6

Fix the ball joint into place using one of three (3) KB 2×6 mm screws:

You may have to grip the ball joints with pliers to keep them from turning.

To safe the ball joints from damage, I used my small craft vise:

Repeat these steps to install the other two Ball Joints for Right Wrist:


The skull is starting to really get some size and weight to it! The Top of Head in this issue is metal, but the ball joints are plastic.

Running Total of screws used so far: 54

Next Up

 Issue 18 – Eye Motor/Mount

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Building the 1:2 scale Terminator T-800 from Hachette Partworks