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“Two parts of the left head are assembled, and we put together the last finger of the right hand and attach it to the rest of the hand.”




Materials: The Left Head A and Fifth Finger parts are metal (except 15-7), the sheaths are PVC, and the rest of the parts are plastic.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – Star Trek First Contact
  • Real World Science – The Future of American Crewed Spaceflight: Part One


Assembling Part of the Left Head and the Fifth Finger of the Right Hand

Left Skull Plate

The insert piece in this issue is just silver plastic and I wanted a little contrast and dirtiness to it. With a small brush, I worked some Vallejo Game Color Black Wash into the nooks and crevices to give it a worn oily look:

Steps 1-2

Like we did in Issue 9 with the right skull plate, insert the Left Head B into Left Head A from behind as shown, and secure into place with two (2) PM 2×4 mm screws:

Right Little Finger
Steps 3-4

As we have done before, we are going to start the right little finger. First, super glue the Fifth Finger Component E (fingertip) onto the oval pin of the Fifth Finger A (distal phalanx):

Step 5-6

Insert a shorter Fifth Finger Connector (sheath) through the hole of the Fifth Finger A:

Next, fit the Fifth Finger Component B (middle phalanx) over the sleeve, making sure they align as shown:

Then, insert a Fifth Finger Connector (bolt) through the Fifth Finger Connector (sheath) from the far side, as shown:

Finally, add a tiny drop of super glue onto the pin of a Fifth Finger Connector (pin), and insert it into the Fifth Finger Connector (bolt).

Like before with these new sleeved finger joints, I used rubber cement instead of super glue (the glue would not hold the pin in place):

Steps 7-9

Repeat this process to add the Right Fourth Finger C (proximal phalanx) and Right Fourth Finger D (knuckle) to the end of this assembly, alternating the position of the bushing/pins, as shown:

Step 10

Retrieve the right hand assembly (from the last issue). Insert the longer Fifth Finger Connector (sheath) through this hole in the hand.

Next, press the finger assembly over the sheath as shown:

Then, insert the Fifth Finger Knuckle Connector (longer bushing) through the sheath from this side, as shown:

Finally, add a tiny drop of super glue onto the pin of a Fifth Finger Connector, and insert into the hole of the bushing:

If yours doesn’t stay in place, try rubber cement instead of super glue:

The completed right hand should now look like this:


Look at that, the right hand is now finished!

Next Up

 Issue 16 – Right Elbow, Right Forearm Pistons

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