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“In this issue, we’ll add three more metallic muscles to the lower arm that we began to assemble in [Issue 12], and finish the right finger that we started last issue.”




Materials: The Right Fourth Finger and Finger Connector A parts are metal, the sleeves are PVC, and the rest of this issue is plastic.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – Solaris
  • Real World Science – The 1950s Vision of the Future: Part Three


Adding to the Right Lower Arm, and Assembling the Fourth Right Finger

Right Forearm Cylinders
Step 1

Retrieve the right lower arm assembly (from Issue 12), one of the Lower Arm Tube B, and one of the Bushes (bushings):

Step 2

Insert the Bush (bushing) through this hole in the back of the Forearm A:

Step 3

Slide the Lower Arm Tube B over this bushing from the other side:

Step 4

Secure the tube into place with one (1) KB 2×16 mm screw, as shown. The bushing will still be visible, even after the screw is fully tightened:

Step 5

Repeat the previous steps to add the other Lower Arm Tube B to the opposite side of the arm:

Step 6

With these parts fitted, this is what the lower arm should look like:

Steps 7-8

Now, insert the final bushing through the remaining (center) hole of Forearm A, slide the Lower Arm Tube A over the end of the bushing, and secure with one (1) 2×16 mm screw. This is the same process as before, but with the shorter, wider tube:

Step 9

The lower arm section should now look like this:

Right Ring Finger
Step 10

Retrieve the Right Fourth Finger assembly (from the last issue). Insert a Rubber Sleeve A (shorter ones) through the hole in the end:

Fit the Right Fourth Finger D (proximal phalanx) over the sleeve, as shown:

Next, insert the Finger Connector B (smaller bushings) through the Rubber Sleeve A from this side, as shown:

Finally, add a tiny drop of super glue onto the pin of a Finger Connector A, and insert into the hole of the Finger Connector B.

Super glue did not hold this, so I used rubber cement instead:

Step 11

Repeat this process to add the Right Fourth Finger E to the end of this assembly, alternating the position of the bushing/pin, as shown:

Step 12

Retrieve the right hand assembly (last worked on in Issue 10). Insert a Rubber Sleeve B (longer one) through this hole in the hand:

Next, press the finger assembly over the sleeve as shown:

Then, insert Knuckle Connector (longer bushing) through the Rubber Sleeve B from this side, as shown:

Finally, add a tiny drop of super glue onto the pin of a Finger Connector A, and insert into the hole of the Knuckle Connector.

Again, a drop of rubber cement worked better than super glue here:


With this finger attached, we only have the right little finger left to install in the next issue and the hand will be complete!

Next Up

 Issue 15 – Left Skull Plate/Details, Right Little Finger

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