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“In this issue, we’ll add three more metallic muscles to the lower arm that we began to assemble in [Issue 12], and finish the right finger that we started last issue.”






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Adding to the Right Lower Arm, and Assembling the Fourth Right Finger

Right Forearm Cylinders
Step 1

Retrieve the right lower arm assembly (from Issue 12), one of the Lower Arm Tube B, and one of the Bushes (bushings):

Step 2

Insert the Bush (bushing) through this hole in the back of the Forearm A:

Step 3

Slide the Lower Arm Tube B over this bushing from the other side:

Step 4

Secure the tube into place with one (1) KB 2×16 mm screw, as shown. The bushing will still be visible, even after the screw is fully tightened:

Step 5

Repeat the previous steps to add the other Lower Arm Tube B to the opposite side of the arm:

Step 6

With these parts fitted, this is what the lower arm should look like:

Steps 7-8

Now, insert the final bushing through the remaining (center) hole of Forearm A, slide the Lower Arm Tube A over the end of the bushing, and secure with one (1) 2×16 mm screw. This is the same process as before, but with the shorter, wider tube:

Step 9

The lower arm section should now look like this:

Right Ring Finger
Step 10

Retrieve the Right Fourth Finger assembly (from the last issue). Insert a Rubber Sleeve A (shorter ones) through the hole in the end:

Fit the Right Fourth Finger D (proximal phalanx) over the sleeve, as shown:

Next, insert the Finger Connector B (smaller bushings) through the Rubber Sleeve A from this side, as shown:

Finally, add a tiny drop of super glue onto the pin of a Finger Connector A, and insert into the hole of the Finger Connector B.

Super glue did not hold this, so I used rubber cement instead:

Step 11

Repeat this process to add the Right Fourth Finger E to the end of this assembly, alternating the position of the bushing/pin, as shown:

Step 12

Retrieve the right hand assembly (last worked on in Issue 10). Insert a Rubber Sleeve B (longer one) through this hole in the hand:

Next, press the finger assembly over the sleeve as shown:

Then, insert Knuckle Connector (longer bushing) through the Rubber Sleeve B from this side, as shown:

Finally, add a tiny drop of super glue onto the pin of a Finger Connector A, and insert into the hole of the Knuckle Connector.

Again, a drop of rubber cement worked better than super glue here:


With this finger attached, we only have the right little finger left to install in the next issue and the hand will be complete! The Right Fourth Finger parts are metal, but the rest of this issue is plastic.

Next Up

 Issue 15 – Left Skull Plate/Details, Right Little Finger

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