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“In this issue you will construct a neck joint and assemble the lower jaw joint.”

We will not be using the provided Neck piece until Issue 13, so put it safely aside for now.



Materials: While the Brass Bushes are metal, the rest of these parts are plastic.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – Children of Men
  • Real World Science – The History and Future of the Human Population


Assembling Neck and Jaw Joints

Neck Joint
Steps 1-3

The inside of the Neck Joint parts have three raised screw posts that align the pieces:

Step 4

Press the Neck Joint parts together as shown, then…

Step 5

…secure them together with three (3) PB 2×6 mm screws:

Jaw Joint
Step 6

Retrieve the Lower Jaw assembly from Issue 6 and the Head Motor Joint assembly from Issue 7. Note the locating pins on the Head Motor Joint assembly (circled below):

Step 7

The Lower Jaw assembly has matching holes for the Head Motor Joint. Fit this motor joint in between the Lower Jaw joints, aligning the holes as shown:

Steps 8-9

Retrieve the base of the skull we built in Issue 5. These screw hole lugs (one is circled below) are where the jaw will soon attach:

Step 10

On either side of the Head Motor Joint assembly are grooves (one is circled below) where the lugs on the base of the skull slide into:

Slide these grooves over the lugs on the base of the skull, as shown:

Step 11

Grab the two Brass Bushes and note the jaw joint hole (circled below), then…

…insert one of the Brass Bushes (bushings) into each of the Lower Jaw joints:

Steps 12-14

Secure the jaw into place using two (2) PM 2x10mm screws through each of the bushings and into the base of the skull.

Be careful not to over-tighten these screws as the jaw needs to be able to rotate freely:


With this issue complete, we have started on the neck. But, more importantly, we have attached a few of the loose parts together to start building up the skull. Keep all of these parts safe as we will need them again in Issue 13.

Next Up

 Issue 12 – Right Hand Cables, Right Forearm

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