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“Construct the back assembly from two sizable components, and attach the chest supports to the front of the model.”




Materials: Everything in this issue is plastic.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – Cloverfield
  • Real World Science – Finger on the Button

Glue the Chest Supports Into Place, and Assemble and Affix a Large Back Panel

Steps 1-2

Retrieve your Back Panel from the previous issue. Fit the Back Panel (Left) (marked ‘L’) from this issue to the Back Panel, aligning the long slot on both as shown:

Step 3

Secure the Back Panel (Left) to the Back Panel with one (1) 2×4 mm PB screw:

Step 4

Repeat this process to attach the Back Panel (Right) (marked ‘R’) to the opposite side of the Back Panel with one (1) more 2×4 mm PB screw:

Step 5

Apply a small amount of super glue to the non-flanged ends (circled below) of both Straight Shafts:

Step 6

Insert these non-flanged ends of the Straight Shafts into the matching holes on top of the Back Panel, as shown.

Make sure that both of these shafts are fully inserted:

Step 7

Snap the slotted ends of the Ribbed Shafts over the ‘balls’ of the Fixing Blocks, as shown:

Step 8

Slide the Fixing Blocks into these similarly shaped sockets on the rear of the Back Panel, as shown.

These are loose at this point and will be secured soon:

Step 9

Retrieve your T-800 endoskeleton and place him on his back. Apply super glue to these areas of the Chest Support (Left) (marked ‘L’):

Step 10

Slide the two tabs of the Chest Support (Left) up into the matching slots at this location of the Chest Casing, as shown:

Step 11

Repeat the previous steps to secure the Chest Support (Right) (marked ‘R’) to the right side of the Chest Casing, as shown:

Steps 12-13

Once the glue from the previous steps has dried, turn your T-800 endoskeleton over face down. Place the Back Panel assembly onto the Thoracic Cage.

Make sure you rotate both shoulder blades up and away from the body before placing this Back Panel assembly:

Step 14

At the sides of the model, the Back Panel should fit over the edge of the Chest Casing, as shown:

At the Chest Supports on both sides, the Back Panel fits over the same on the Chest Casing, as shown:

Step 15

Secure the Back Panel to the Thoracic Cage with four (4) 2×6 mm PM screws:

Step 16

Secure the lower section of the Back Panel in place with two (2) 2×4 mm PM screws, as shown:

If needed, don’t forget to rotate the shoulder blades back into place.


You don’t see the back of the Terminator very often, but it does look pretty awesome! There is one more detail to add in the next issue.

Next Up

 Issue 105 – Back Panel Detail, Shoulder Connectors/Shafts

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