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“Use the chest attachments to fit the chest assembly, and connect spring tubes to the head and shoulders.”




Materials: All of these parts are plastic, except the metal Fixing Strip.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – Chronicle
  • Real World Science – View From Above

Affix the Chest Assembly and Attach Spring Tube Details

Step 1

Retrieve your Chest Casing assembly from the previous issue. Slide the Chest Detail through this lower opening of the Chest Casing, from back to front, as shown:

Step 2

When the Chest Detail is fully inserted, the two side pins should rest in these grooves, as shown:

Steps 3-4

Fit the Fixing Plate over the pins of the Chest Detail and secure it to the Chest Casing with two (2) 2×6 mm PB screws.

The raised semi-circular elements along the Fixing Plate should be facing the pins of the Chest Detail, as shown:

Step 5

Retrieve your T-800 endoskeleton and place him on his back. Press the two Rubber Sockets into these holes at the top front of the Thoracic Cage assembly, as shown.

I found these Rubber Sockets are easier to install if you squeeze them a bit as you push them in:

Step 6

Fit the Chest Casing to the front of your T-800 endoskeleton, sliding the two top posts into the Rubber Sockets.

These are the two posts the instructions are referring to:

Step 7

The Chest Casing should fit snugly against the Thoracic Cage/Joints

… and flush against the shoulder parts, as shown:

Step 8

Carefully turn your T-800 endoskeleton over and start securing the Chest Casing in place with two (2) 2×6 mm PB screws here:

Steps 9-10

Continue securing the Chest Casing with one (1) 2×6 mm PB screw on the outside left.

There are posts on the Chest Casing that these screws goes into, but they were not aligned. I needed to use my screwdriver to nudge them into place:

And, one (1) more 2×6 mm PB screw on the outside right:

Step 11

Turn your T-800 endoskeleton on his back and slide the Larger Diameter Spring on the left side onto this post of the shoulder.

This spring slides on easier if you gently twist it as you go, but go slowly as the shoulder post is plastic:

These Springs should be fully seated onto the posts and hold themselves quite well. I did not glue them in place:

Step 12

In the same way, slide the Smaller Diameter Spring on the left side onto this post of the Head Detail:

Step 13

Repeat this process with the two Springs on the right side of your T-800 endoskeleton:

Step 14

Slide the thinner end of a Shaft into this upper left Chest Attachment:

Secure the eyelet end of the Shaft to this front post of the shoulder using one (1) 3×8 mm Hex Socket screw and the supplied Allen wrench.

These should not be fully tightened as the Chest Attachment and Shaft need to be able to move as the arms are re-positioned:

These Hex Socket screws should stick out the top of the Shafts:

Step 15

Repeat this process to insert and attach another Shaft to the lower shoulder with one (1) more 3×8 mm Hex Socket screw, as shown:

Step 16

Repeat both of the previous steps to add Shafts to the right side in the same way, with two (2) more 3×8 mm Hex Socket screws:

We also received the chest Back Panel in this issue, but it will not be used until the next issue:


How cool does this look? I love mechanical/steampunk type things and this makes me very happy! The chest assembly ended up being plastic, but my T-800 is already heavy enough so I am quite OK with it.

Next Up

 Issue 104 – Back Panels, Chest Supports, Straight Shafts, Fixing Blocks, Ribbed Shafts

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