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“Thread springs through the chest casing, and connect it to the existing chest panel. Begin to finalize the head with extra details.”




Materials: The Springs and Washer are metal, but the Chest Casing and Head Details are plastic.


  • T-800 Assembly – Model Instructions
  • Sci-Fi Cinema Legends – Attack the Block
  • Real World Science – A Glowing Reception

Detail the Head, and Add Panels and Springs to the Chest

Steps 1-3

Retrieve your Left Chest Panel assembly (marked ‘L’) from the previous issue and super glue it to this location on the Chest Casing.

Make sure this end of the Left Chest Panel is in the groove of the Chest Casing, as shown:

Steps 4-5

Retrieve the Right Chest Panel from the previous issue. Repeat the previous step to secure it to the Chest Casing.

Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of this, but it is the same as the left side.

Step 6

Slide the two Springs through these holes of the Chest Casing, in from one side and out through the other, as shown.

The Smaller Diameter Spring goes through the top hole, and the Larger Diameter Spring through the bottom hole:

Step 7

Center the two Springs so the ends are equal length from the Chest Casing, as shown:

Step 8

Fit one (2) 2×6 mm PB screw through the Large Washer and install it into this hole to secure the Springs in place.

This is right before I installed the screw and washer as I wanted to show the hole it goes into and how the Springs should be arranged:

Step 9

Carefully remove the two Head Details from the sprue.

Make sure you cut these at the right point, as shown:

Steps 10-11

Retrieve your T-800 endoskeleton and super glue the Head Detail (part 102-2) into this hole on the left side of the Skull, as shown.

The two Head Details are not the same, so make sure you use the right one here. I aligned this to point straight down from the head towards the body:

Step 12

In the same way, super glue the Head Detail (part 102-3) into this hole on the right side of the Skull, as shown:


This issue prepared our Chest Casing for installation onto our Terminator T-800. So far, all of it is plastic, which is a bit disappointing. But, it does look good!

Next Up

 Issue 103 – Back Panel, Chest Detail, Fixing Strip, Rubber Sockets, Shafts

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